50% of Men Fail to Identify the Vagina a Popular UK Study Reveals

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One amazing thing about the internet is that it gives us access to the world’s knowledge right at our fingertips.

Imagine reading about historical events from billions of years ago or NASA’s recent discoveries about the outer space. All of this information is available to us in an instant which is just amazing and mind-blowing.

However, one recent study showed shocking results. Even though we are living in the Information Age, some familiar and seemingly simple things are still a mystery to others.

As it turns out, 50 percent of men could not identify a vagina in an anatomical diagram. As ludicrous as it may sound, it is true.


The Eve Appeal, a charity organization based in the UK, surveyed 2000 adults and it revealed that 50 percent of the men were not able to point out where the vagina is, in an anatomical diagram.

There is a limitless number of sex-advice out there ranging from blogs to books to videos to how-to’s and yet, men are still not able to successfully identify where a lady’s cherry is.

If you’re ready to hear something more bizarre, a previous study by The Eve Appeal showed that half of a thousand women in the age range of 26 to 35 years old are not able to correctly identify where the vagina is.

Now, what is really going on here?

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The Eve Appeal conducted the survey to raise awareness for Gynecological Awareness month which happens every September.

A worrying rate of 17 percent or one in five men admitted that they know nothing about and are not planning to know more about gynecological health issues because “it is a female issue.”

On the other hand, women were quizzed about some signs and symptoms. Sadly, 19 percent said that they would not go to a doctor if they had abnormal vaginal bleeding. Abnormal vaginal bleeding is the key symptom of all gynecological cancers. Moreover, a large-42 percent of women ranging from 18 to 24 years old would not even seek professional help and just keep the situation to themselves.


As reported in the Huffington Post, the survey said that only a fifth of the women is open in talking about gynecological health issues, including the signs and symptoms of the common gynecological cancers, among friends and family.

Their studies go to show that men are just as dumbfounded as men when it comes to locating the vag. The survey participants are presented with a diagram of a female’s reproductive organ, and their task is to identify its different parts.

The participants are not completely clueless about the placement of the vagina, of course they know it is down there between the legs, it is just that they are having a hard time identifying its different areas and its names. They are confused in the different structures in the pelvic region, a lesson which is discussed in a sex education and basic human biology class.

So, where is the ‘V’?

where is the vThe quickest and easiest (most pleasurable?) way to find the vaginal opening is by feeling it with your fingers. But, of course, this was not the method used by the researchers from The Eve Appeal. What they used was an anatomical diagram of the female reproductive organ in which participants had to identify the parts.

The vag is a muscular tube where the sexual intercourse happens, but most of the men thought that the vulva is the vagina proper. To be clear the vagina is inside a woman’s body. The part we can see outside our physique is called the ‘vulva.’

There are also what are called labia (or lips), which can be spread apart to see the vaginal opening. The outer labia are part of the vulva and can easily go by the name ‘vag cheeks’ because, well, they’re just like cheeks but down there in the nether region. The inner labia, on the other hand, are long and flappy. Inner labia may look different on each person, some stick out while some are hidden. Some inner labia are longer while others are shorter in size.

sand duneThen there’s the clitoris and clitoral hood. The clitoris is a little nub that can be seen at the top of the vulva when the inner and outer labia are spread apart. This tiny little nub has over 8000 nerve endings which makes it really, really, really sensitive. For most men, this is the go-to-part for an exciting foreplay as you can easily get your lady aroused by running a finger over it. The clitoral hood is a flap of skin which can slide back and forth. It is for the protection of the clitoris from irritation, as well as arousal when unnecessary.

The vaginal opening can be seen when the labia are apart. Contrary to popular belief, the vagina is ‘not always’ an open hole. It is a muscle that is actually ‘closed’ when the body is at rest. The vaginal walls touch except when there is something inside it such as a tampon, a finger, or whatever it is.

The Eve Appeal’s cause

anatomical viewEvery woman’s vagina actually looks different from another. It’s just like having different faces for every person. However, the structure of the vagina is a standard of the human anatomy.

The Eve Appeal organization aims to better educate the people on the anatomy of a woman’s reproductive organ for good reasons.

Being aware of the anatomy can help both men and women in detecting early signs of gynecological cancers. As The Eve Appeal’s executive chief, Athena Lamnisos, puts it, “This is not about having better sex. It’s about men helping women to look after their health. Gynae awareness and taboo-busting are all of our responsibility, men, and women alike.”

The lack of open discussion as well as awareness of gynecological health issues hinders access to early detection, prevention, and treatment which sadly leads to unnecessary suffering, and ultimately, death.

What You Should Know About Vaginal Glittering

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Forget to put jade eggs and bags of herbs up your vaginal tract; there is a new trend that is being taken up by women around the world. And this new trend involves using a little of glitter during sex, inside of your vagina. You heard it right; there is a new sex trend in which women use primarily what are tiny sparkle bombs, and they stick it inside of their vaginal tract. This practice creates a very interesting crotch area that has got a flavor to it since the capsule not only contains glitter but some flavoring as well. A lot of people are a bit skeptical of this new trend and for many good reasons too. There is a lot of unknown factors, such as whether or not it is safe to put inside of your vagina. Medical experts are saying that there are some risks involved. So if you would like to know more about this trend then read on. You may conclude whether or not you should be bombing your vajayjay as well.

Glitter Bombing Your Vagina

This new trend is called a “vagina glitter bomb,” and it does exactly what it sounds like it should. The inside of your private parts is going to be covered in bits of shiny and sweet-smelling glitter. It is supposed to make your vagina prettier to look at. But at what cost? If you want to know how correctly this whole process works and what are the risks involved, you should read on.

How Does it Work?

The glitter that is used is packaged inside of this tiny capsule. Ideally, this pill should be placed just before engaging in any sexual activity. And when you orgasm, your contractions cause the tablet to break apart and release the glitter and other substances inside the vagina. At least that is what the company that is selling this product says. There are a lot of factors that could affect when the capsule will break apart. For example, there could be some people’s vaginas that have more fluids that could dissolve the pill much faster. And there are also some sex acts, which are more vigorous, which could break apart the capsule of sparkles even quicker. So it is not always the case that the glitter bomb will explode when you orgasms. And it is not yet the proven that these glitter capsules create a more intense orgasm.

Does it Cause Better Orgasms?

glitter on hand

One myth that is being passed around is that people experience “sparklier” orgasms when they use genital glitter. This is supposed because the glitter substance has some aphrodisiac. And another myth is that the tiny bits of glitter rub against a woman’s clitoris during sexual intercourse. However, all of those are myths. Glitter bombing your vagina does not make you have an orgasm that is more pleasurable. In fact, you could even say that it makes your orgasm a bit riskier. If all of those bits of glitter are rubbing against your clitoris and the rest of your crotch area, you can seriously get irritated. There are other ways that you can get safer and more pleasurable orgasms, such as using a lube that is explicitly made for good sex. If you have heard that some people have had better orgasms because they used glitter, you should take what they say with a massive grain of salt.

The capsule will supposedly dissolve during sex whenever you are using it. This will mean that when you orgasm the glitter capsule will “explode” and your orgasms will be more “colorful and flavored,” what that exactly means aside from the advertising language is unclear. But what is clear though is the absolute mess that is going to be in your vajayjay when you use these kinds of products. You may even want to warn your partner if you do use a genital glitter bomb. They may not appreciate the fact that you have got glitter on their crotch area as well.

Vagina Glittering Could Be Dangerous to Your Health

Many doctors warn against using any glitter bomb. These products are not medically approved or even regulated, so they may not be even safe to put inside of your body. There are also a lot of risks involved when you put inside any foreign object in your body. First of all, there is the risk of infection. Any unsterile material that is placed inside of your body could carry bacteria and other kinds of harmful microorganisms. So there is a very high likelihood that you will get some infection if you do use these glitter capsules within your vagina. You may even have some problem with other diseases since the bacterium that enters your vaginal tract could spread throughout your body.

Another minor problem that could happen is irritation within your vagina. The company that sells these products say that they are safe to use and will dissolve inside of your body. But not every person has the same shape. What could be okay for one lady may irritate your body? So you should be careful about what you stick inside there, since you may get a burning itching sensation if you just hold any capsule into your body.

You should be careful what you put inside of your body, just because something is trendy does not mean that you should follow it. Vaginal glittering is something that is pretty to look at, but it does not yield beautiful results at all. You could be putting yourself in harm’s way, by increasing the chances of your genital are becoming infected. And at the very least, you could cause your labia to become itchy and irritated. It is better to be safe than sorry, and try to keep your genitalia free from any foreign objects, including glitter of any kind. You should always trust the doctors when they say that you should be careful what you put up there!

7 Different Things That You Shouldn’t Use As Lube

The use of lube during any penetrative sex is a must! These products are essential because they would make sexual intercourse much more comfortable, less painful, and also more pleasurable. However, not everything stick or slippery should be used as a lubricant. There are many things that you should not be smearing on your penis or putting in your vagina. If you are going to have intercourse, you had better avoid using these different kinds of things as lube. Instead, you should buy actual products that are meant to be used for sexual intercourse.

1. Spit

Having a bit of spit should be no problem at all when you are doing something like oral sex. But relying on saliva and spit alone to make everything slippery and ready for actual penetrative intercourse is a big no-no. This is because spit is not sufficiently wet enough for real full-on sex. Saliva just dries up too fast. And you would need an ungodly amount of spit or saliva to last the whole time during intercourse. Using the only saliva alone for penetrative sex is also rather disgusting if you think about it carefully. And anyone should be using proper products rather than spit, for the dirty deed.

2. KY Jelly

ky jelly

You may have probably heard of this famous one, but it is not the ideal one to use. This is because KY Jelly contains a lot of ingredients that are not the best for vaginas. Two of the ingredients in KY Jelly, are paraben and glycerin. And these two components can be the cause of thrush in your vagina. And worst of all, if you use KY Jelly as a lubricant during intercourse, it could dry up your vagina! This is because KY Jelly has a very high osmosis factor, and this factor could cause your vagina’s moisture to get sucked out.

3. Baby or Mineral Oil

Mineral or baby oil may seem like a good product for making love because it is safe to use on a babies’ skin, but you are dead wrong if you think that. Oil can cause the material of the condom to degrade. And if you use it as your lubricant for having intercourse, you would make many different kinds of condoms break or fall apart.

4. Petroleum Jelly

petroleum jellyThis is another lousy kind of product to use for sex because it contains oils. Minerals oils found in petroleum jelly can also cause many different types of latex condoms to fail. Petroleum Jelly is also water-insoluble, so that would make it hard to clean off as well.

5. Lotions

Hand creams, lotions, or any skin cream should not be used as a lubricant at all! Many of these different kinds of lotions contain ingredients which can irritate your private parts. If you use something like a hand cream as a lubricant for your intimate area, you make your vagina painful. This is because the ingredients in lotions would not only irritate your private parts, but they would also dry them out. So you are rubbing yourself raw if you use a can of cream as means for lubrication for your privates.

6. Food

Food-based products are another terrible idea. There is a massive chance of an infection occurring if you used food as your lubricant for penetrative sex. People have used chocolate cream, cooking oil, and even butter as a lube! And those kinds of foods are all bad idea. Bacteria would thrive in your private parts if you use food as your lubrication, and you could quickly get any number of infections. Plus, it would also be almost impossible to clean out your private parts if you use food.

food oils7. Oil-Based Lube

Ideally, you should be using products that are water-based. This is because water-based gels are safer and they are also easier to clean. If you do have to buy products for sex, make sure that it is a water-based one. Oil-based products are not the best ones to use. This is because it would be harder to clean up this kind of lubricant. And the oil in those types of lubricants would also mean that own condoms could get damaged when you use an oil-based lubricant.

Use the Right Kind of Lube!

Remember to avoid using the above kinds of things if you are planning on having an activity soon. It is not safe to use any of them as a kind of lube. You would find that lube that is made especially for intercourse would be your best option. You can ask the shop if they sell a specific kind of product that is made for a particular purpose, namely penetrative vaginal or anal sex. The chances of infection are going to drop if you use the right kind of product. Not to mention, it would also be easier to clean up as well!

Are You Getting Sore After Sex?

It is natural for women to want to have intercourse. However, stories are telling that even when they want that hurt-so-good feeling session in between the sheets, they find that it was painful long after the sexual contact was over.

So What is the Problem with this?

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Most of those in the know are aware that dryness of the vagina is what makes for very uncomfortable intercourse. However, it is also most common for discomfort after sex as well. Energetic or long sessions can create more friction when you are not lubed, which can result in soreness or irritation later. You should try going through a warm bath with unscented salts for the former; while applying a hydrocortisone cream around the opening of the vagina for the latter.

Getting that sufficient arousal will help prevent the pain or soreness after intercourse. Which means you have to extend the foreplay as this will produce more moisture down under, not to mention your vagina will become more elastic together with the growth of your excitement. When this happens, it will accommodate a vigorous position or a well-endowed partner. Don’t be afraid to utilize a lube, as well.

However, other factors contribute to vaginal dryness, such as medications like antihistamines or birth control pills. Hormonal changes can cause dehydration, too. In these cases, you will have to use natural lubricants that are highly recommended for your needs. If you also notice pain happens only after you use specific products for hygiene like those scented cleansers, spermicides or condoms – which are reported to cause irritation among women, discontinue use. If an aching pain is what you feel from deep within the pelvis, it is a sign of endometriosis, a fibroid or a cyst. If it is a pain that goes beyond 24 hours with bleeding after sex, odor or unusual discharge – it is time to seek help from a gynecologist.

Is there a Way to Enjoy Rough Sex?

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Studies show that women prefer to have rough sex, as this heightens up their excitement for it. However, what coarse means here can differ from one woman to another. There are those that go for bondage type of sexual activity, while others just seek a different position. Rough intercourse can also be the cause of soreness after the session, so it is highly recommended that you inform your partner as to what kind of sex that you want.

For example, the pain can be lessened, or it won’t occur at all when you do it with someone that you trust. Mostly it is with someone you are in a relationship with, or at least that you know very well. Aside from the safety issues, you will feel comfortable doing it with someone that you trust since you get to test out your fantasies and desires with this said person. It is best advised that you don’t do it with a stranger who does not know you or the limitations that you possess.

What’s the Best Time to Have Sex?

While having intercourse is agirl in bed  wonderful thing that should come naturally no matter time of the day or night, we must agree that certain times can be better than others. But what is the best time to have sex?

Here is the best times to do ‘it’:

Morning hours between

While morning intercourse sometimes feels cumbersome, it’s healthy. According to experts, this is when the hormone testosterone levels peak. When a man is well rested and has higher testosterone levels, he has more energy to have sex. This kind of power will help him last longer which is suitable for both partners. The rush of endorphins will also lower the stress levels and the high blood pressure. Morning sex can also enhance your antibody levels.

When you are feeling down

Although this might seem counterintuitive, having good intercourse can boost your immune system and make you feel better within no time. If you do not want to lie on that bed for hours on end, grab your partner and have intercourse. You will soon feel much better.

Night moves

Whether you are at home, a bar or a hotel, late night sex can turn out to be the best. This is the time when you will be able to surprise your partner with something new that he or she might enjoy. At this time, you will also get an opportunity to see a boob and some dangerous things that usually wait until it’s late. Also, since both of you have rested enough you will be much more energized to enjoy yourselves.

Before a presentation

According to studies, sex can help calm your nerves, male presentingreduce stress, and lower your blood pressure. One study even proved that those who had intercourse before going for a presentation were more confident. It’s, therefore, advisable that if you have presentation try having sex before going out and your presentation will turn out well.

After a workout

After working out, you can take advantage of the benefits of a highly energized body and have intercourse. According to one study done by the University of Texas, after a 20-minute bike ride, women had a 169% increase in the blood flowing to their genital area. More so, after the exercise, you have a better body image and more confidence. When you workout your body produces a lot of testosterone, an important hormone hence your natural desire will even be higher.female yoga

Noon time

What sucks most is feeling bored at noon. The good thing is that you can stop whatever you are doing and grab an afternoon quickie. The afternoon session will not only break your day well but is also a bonus of being secretive and exploring something. Do this, and you will be surprised how you will walk back to the office more confident and less anxious ready to tackle more work.

After having bad day

As one of the best stress relievers, sex is also ideal after you’ve had a bad day. According to research, intercourse and other affections such as kissing and holding hands can significantly lower your stress level and improve your mood. So long as the anger is not caused by your partner, angry sex can be the best.

Why Do Women Want A Tighter Vagina?

Naturally, a vagina is supposed to be loose during sex. As a woman, when you get aroused your muscles tissues relax somewhat due to the fluids that it releases. The fluids act as lubricants. The walls of your vulva get softer and open up quickly. Fortunately, there are many ways to tighten the entrance of your privates. There are many reasons why women would want their private areas to be shrunk.

Brings More Pleasure to Your Partner

Many women complain about their entrance being too loose, and their male and femalepartners raise issues about this. In this light, many women prefer to have a tight vagina because it gives more pleasure to their partners and also more feelings to them as well. A tight vagina will give you a better sex because the walls of your body will be able to feel the friction that the penis will be causing, and, therefore be stimulated better. So, it is true that a fit body can help you to get closer to your spouse because your sex life will be more intimate.

Or, you can read this page to improve your performance in bed: https://betterbodyhq.com/how-to-improve-your-stamina-in-bed/

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Helps You to Regain Your Self Confidence

Studies show that women who have loose femalevagina usually have a low self-esteem. A tight body can help you to rebuild your confidence and feel more attractive to men. So, what happens when you give birth? Well, if you have given birth and you want to rekindle your sex life with your partner, getting your body back to its normal size is your best shot.

Stronger Orgasms

One of the reasons why women prefer to have a fit body over a loose vagina is increased orgasms. Tight means stronger vaginal muscles and stronger orgasms. It also means better penetration as you will feel every inch of your spouse inside you as you explore every thrust of him inside you. There is no doubt that your partner will be in “paradise” as you squeeze tighter around his penis. You can only imagine the things that you can do together and all the pleasure that you can give him in bed.

You can read more about the topic right here.

Stops Leakages

Women who have a loose vagina find it hard to stop leakages. That’s why it is essential for you to regain the average size of your intimate area. If you can restore the firmness and strength of your muscles, you will not need to wear pads to cover the leakages. The good news is there are many ways to help you restore the youthfulness of your most sacred area.

Studies have also proven that a firmer body is healthier and free from incontinence problems. As a woman, you need to be yourself and feel confident when making love. Men also prefer women who have a tighter body, and that is why they are usually attracted to younger women. So, if you go your body tighter, especially after giving birth your man will remain faithful to you, and he will have more reasons to come home early.

Also, a firmer vulva will make your sex life more intimate. It will give you, and your spouse increased orgasms and pleasure. This is why every woman out there will do anything she can to make her vagina tighter.

What are The Different Types of Vaginal Tightening Surgeries?

surgeryMost women experience anesthetic changes in their vaginal area after significant weight changes, childbirth, or due to aging. This leads to embarrassment when they wear pants and even loss of sensation during sexual intercourse. However, the good news is that various surgical procedures can be performed to treat these changes. The doctor may prescribe one or more of these methods depending on the woman’s condition and issues.

Here are the 7 types of virginal tightening surgeries that can be used to restore tightness and tone to the vaginal area.

1. Vaginoplasty

One of the primary reasons for a loose vagina is after childbirth especially when a woman delivers a giant baby or multiple children. This is due to the extra stretching of the cervix and its supporting tissues. Vaginoplasty is the medical procedure that is used to tighten a vagina that has become loose due to child birth or aging.

Also, if you are looking for more advice about this procedure then you can visit this link here: https://betterbodyhq.com/

2. Labiaplasty

Due to irritation when wearing tight pants, the Labia Minora or the inner lips of the vagina may bulge. This causes severe embarrassment when a woman is with her sexual partner. Some women may also develop this condition due to aging. Labiaplasty is the surgical procedure that is used to improve the appearance of an abnormally large Labia Minora.

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3. Perineoplasty

Many women experience weakness in their perineum after childbirth. The perineum is the region between the vaginal opening and the anus. This happens mostly when the muscles become damaged thus affecting the appearance and sensation of the perineum. Perineoplasty is the procedure that is used to strengthen the perineal muscles that have become weakened. Laser technique is typically used to improve the appearance and the size of the intimate area.

4. Vulvar Lipoplasty

When a woman has excess fat in the Mons Pubis, the hair-bearing area of the lower abdomen, it leads to a bulge when she wears pants. A woman with this condition may feel that she looks like a man and be embarrassed. Liposuction is the surgical procedure that is used to correct this situation by reducing the Mons Pubis.

5. Labia Majora Plasty

The Labia Majora or the outer lips of the vagina may become enlarged due to childbirth or weight gain. This causes a bulge in this region when a woman wears pants or swimsuits. This condition is usually corrected using suction lipectomy whereby the excess fat is sucked from under the skin.

6. Clitoridotomy

womanWhen a woman develops a thick skin over their clitoris, she may experience a decreased sexual sensitivity. Clitoridectomy is the surgical procedure that is used to reduce the size of the clitoral hood. In this method, the skin that is covering the clitoris is removed to increase sensitivity.

7. Hymenoplasty

Hymenoplasty is the procedure that is used to reconstruct a torn hymen making the patient look like a virgin again. The Hymen is the skin membrane that partially covers the entrance. This procedure is only used when a woman experiences discomfort in the genitalia or has difficulty during sexual intercourse. It should never be used to achieve the vaginas complete version.

Why Manjakani Extract is Important to V-Tight Gel

Nature sure does complement human lives in more ways than one. There is a daily interaction between man and environment. They are inseparable. The man has learned to survive the harshest conditions caused by acts of Nature. Inversely, man disturbs the law of nature.

Intimate Man to Nature Interaction


Interestingly too the influence of nature on man or man’s dependence on nature is weighty even in the most intimate needs of man. Let us take a look at the Aleppo Oak Tree. This unassuming tree from Asia yields Manjakani or “oak galls” which are produced from larvae deposits of stinging wasps in particular. When stinging wasps pierce the leaves of the tree to deposit their larvae, there is an ensuing chemical imbalance forming round and ridged balls. This product would perhaps be the most stimulating produce of the Allepo Oak Tree.

Compelling Benefits

silhouette male and pregnant woman

Being an intelligent creature, man through several research studies on the health benefits of Manjakani. Aside from its original use of tanning leather and making black ink, the oak galls were found to be rich in Vitamin A and C.

Most of the benefits derived from Manjakani are for personal care and beauty wellness. They are used to strengthen the immune system of infants to possess better. It works best too for oral hygiene because of its antiseptic properties. It can be used to formulate mouthwash to fight cavities and tooth decay as well as cure mouth ulcers. Manjakani kills bacteria when used to clean cuts and wounds. It is drunk as a tea to be diabetes resistant.

Moving on, there are a whole lot of benefits to women. It is an active post-natal treatment to eliminate the nasty smell of the vagina of women after childbirth. The antioxidants present serve as a facial treatment to maintain a firm and smooth skin. It gives freshness and a striking youthful appearance to make them more appealing to men or their partners.

On the more serious aspect, Manjakani can prevent breast and cervix cancer due again to the rich anti-oxidant content in the oak galls. Breast sagging in women can be treated too with the regular application of the extract. One of the physical and sexy attributes men look for in women are firm and full breasts. Women should take good care of their breasts to keep their men eager.

The Main Factor

The most significant factor that ever came to be from the Manjakani extract is its use for vagina tightening. The looseness of a vagina dampens the sexual energy of men and their sexual performance. The V-Tight Gel came into the scene as the leading and safest of all natural vaginal tightening cream. There would be no need for any surgical procedures to tighten the vagina. Using V-Tight Gel is a beautiful and stimulating experience. Applying it to the walls of the vagina is easy which will translate to a harder and satisfying penetration experience for both sexual partners. Tight and hard are understatements.

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Is Vaginal Bleaching a Trend These Days?

female with orange background

The cosmetics industry has allowed people to achieve their desired levels of beauty. If you do not like how a particular part of your body looks, you can change it. Different cosmetic procedures especially Brazilian waxes have given people the courage to try achieving desired beauty in quite some unusual areas – including the genitals. Below we focus on a seemingly bizarre beauty procedure that is gaining popularity day by day: vaginal bleaching.

Vaginal bleaching is also known as genital bleaching, genital whitening or pussy bleaching. As much as this may look like a new concept in beauty, porn stars and strippers have done it for years. Bridesmaids characters are also said to bleach “down there.” Access to porn has become more ubiquitous, so men now demand lighter skin in the intimate areas.

The beauty technique refers to changing the color of the labia/vulva to pink. Factors like skin chafing, hormones, age, and many fabric rubbing contribute to extra pigmentation in the genital area.

There are three ways to achieve this: via using DIY creams, spa treatments, or laser bleaching. Let’s delve into each of these options.

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DIY Creams

This is the most popular option since it is affordable when compared to spa center or laser bleaching. It is also a bit tricky since you have to choose your creams very carefully. The skin in the genital area is susceptible. You are advised to go for creams made up of 100% natural products and avoid those with hydroquinone or Kojic acid. Hydroquinone causes uterine cancer. With DIY bleaching, you can get lighter skin in the genitals for less than $3.

Spa Centers

Spa centers are way expensive when compared to DIY vaginal bleaching. Each session could be $250 or more. You also get a kit to use at home, including a bleaching cream. Some spa centers offer discounts for a package of 4 to 6 treatments. By the end of the first session, the skin in your intimate area should be 2 to 3 shades lighter. As you go for more sessions, your skin continues to lighten.

Some spas will use a blended acid peel for the first session. The second course may involve the use of the cream that inhibits pigmentation. Some centers offer very personalized services, where they will study your skin color, and the color of the skin in the intimate area that you want to be bleached, as well as what you intend to achieve with your pussy bleaching.

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Laser Vaginal Bleaching

This option is a viable one for those people looking for a way to permanently get rid of the pigmentation in their vaginal area. The entire procedure is about 30 minutes. It entails numbing the area and then using a laser to treat the area. The laser removes melanin from the skin, which makes it lighter.

After the procedure, the area should be kept clean. Refrain from sex for a minimum of 3 days. You need a maximum of 2 treatments, which are usually months apart.

So, What’s the Deal?

Vaginal bleaching has become a trend in the cosmetics industry. As celebrities continue to publicize it and as the options become more available and cheaper, more people are willing to try it out. The more comfortable access to porn also creates a demand for lighter skin in the intimate areas. There are three options to choose from. If you go for creams, pick those with natural ingredients.

Female Discharge: What are They and What do They Mean?

woman-taking-photo-of-vaginaDischarge. It happens to every woman, but if you are anything like most women, some days you question whether or not your discharge is normal. We have got the scoop to give you an idea of what is normal and when it is time to call the gynecologist.

1. Clear Discharge

A clear discharge that is stringy, sort of like egg whites are completely normal. This often occurs at the beginning of the menstrual cycle and lasts for a week or two until you ovulate. This mucus-like discharge means it is your fertile time of the month. Nothing to worry about here!

2. White

A thicker, but not clumpy, milky white discharge is also standard. This occurs right before and after ovulation to help pull sperm into the uterus. It’s nothing to be concerned about, and every woman gets it. Even though most women clean their vaginas pretty thoroughly, it worries them that when their discharge is a little bit different and they tend to overdo the cleaning process that they usually do.

3. Clumpy and White

This type of discharge is often associated with yeast infections brought on by antibiotics or contact with warm and moist areas. These uncomfortable and itchy infections are easily treated over the counter, but if you have never had a yeast infection before you should probably call the gynecologist just to be sure.

colour wheel4. Streaked with blood

While this type of discharge may seem alarming, it is pretty standard. Discharge that is otherwise normal but streaked with blood is usually the result of spotting. This happens to a lot of women who are on the pill or other forms of hormonal birth control. If your discharge is not typical in different ways or this happens quite frequently, it might be a good idea to call the doctor and see what’s up.

5. Yellow

If your discharge is yellow and your vagina itches or hurts, it is probably time to ring the gynecologist and see what’s going on down under. It could be a pelvic infection or a sexually transmitted infection such as chlamydia or gonorrhea.

Now, if your discharge on your undergarments is yellow, but the discharge itself is standard then there is probably nothing to worry about so long as there is not any foul smell, itching or pain. When the air oxidizes regular discharge, it can often turn yellow on your underwear. That is nothing to be concerned about.

CTA yellow

6. Gray or Green

If your discharge is gray or green and has a foul odor – like fish- or it burns then, bacterial vaginosis is likely the culprit. This is easily treated with a round of antibiotics prescribed by your gynecologist.

7. Watery

girl laying on bedIf your discharge is watery, it’s probably due to herpes. This happens when the internal sores pop and mix with the regular discharge, essentially watering it down. Though, if you have herpes, you would likely know more than just your discharge. It can be pretty painful.

8. It is heavier than usual

Heavy discharge is often associated with birth control methods such as hormonal birth control pills or birth control pills. It’s usually nothing to worry about and quite reasonable. If it is excessive or is bothering you, it might be a good idea to consult with your doctor just to double check.