What’s the Best Time to Have Sex?

While having intercourse is agirl in bed  wonderful thing that should come naturally no matter time of the day or night, we must agree that certain times can be better than others. But what is the best time to have sex?

Here is the best times to do ‘it’:

Morning hours between

While morning intercourse sometimes feels cumbersome, it’s healthy. According to experts, this is when the hormone testosterone levels peak. When a man is well rested and has higher testosterone levels, he has more energy to have sex. This kind of power will help him last longer which is suitable for both partners. The rush of endorphins will also lower the stress levels and the high blood pressure. Morning sex can also enhance your antibody levels.

When you are feeling down

Although this might seem counterintuitive, having good intercourse can boost your immune system and make you feel better within no time. If you do not want to lie on that bed for hours on end, grab your partner and have intercourse. You will soon feel much better.

Night moves

Whether you are at home, a bar or a hotel, late night sex can turn out to be the best. This is the time when you will be able to surprise your partner with something new that he or she might enjoy. At this time, you will also get an opportunity to see a boob and some dangerous things that usually wait until it’s late. Also, since both of you have rested enough you will be much more energized to enjoy yourselves.

Before a presentation

According to studies, sex can help calm your nerves, male presentingreduce stress, and lower your blood pressure. One study even proved that those who had intercourse before going for a presentation were more confident. It’s, therefore, advisable that if you have presentation try having sex before going out and your presentation will turn out well.

After a workout

After working out, you can take advantage of the benefits of a highly energized body and have intercourse. According to one study done by the University of Texas, after a 20-minute bike ride, women had a 169% increase in the blood flowing to their genital area. More so, after the exercise, you have a better body image and more confidence. When you workout your body produces a lot of testosterone, an important hormone hence your natural desire will even be higher.female yoga

Noon time

What sucks most is feeling bored at noon. The good thing is that you can stop whatever you are doing and grab an afternoon quickie. The afternoon session will not only break your day well but is also a bonus of being secretive and exploring something. Do this, and you will be surprised how you will walk back to the office more confident and less anxious ready to tackle more work.

After having bad day

As one of the best stress relievers, sex is also ideal after you’ve had a bad day. According to research, intercourse and other affections such as kissing and holding hands can significantly lower your stress level and improve your mood. So long as the anger is not caused by your partner, angry sex can be the best.