Can Using Vinegar Really Tighten the Vagina?

vinegar32178At some point in their lives, most women will suffer from a loose cervix. This occurs when the cervical muscles lose elasticity due to factors like childbirth, natural aging, menopause and prolonged use of certain medications. While each experience is different, most women will realize their condition goes beyond the physical signs that affect their sex lives. Women with slack vulvas go through the awkward stage of selecting the right method to get their loose pussy back to its pre-stretched state.

As a result, a little search online exposed them to questions like “Does vinegar firm up the vagina?”, “What’s the most effective way to firm up a loose vulva?” and so on. One of the widely used vaginal tightening solution is vinegar. The remedy has long been used as a traditional vaginal tightening remedy. Women have used it for so long, they just add a few teaspoons of vinegar to their bathwater and bathed in it for up 30 minutes. This article will answer the question as to whether vinegar is an effective vaginal firming remedy.

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Can it make my vagina tighter?

Just because this remedy whitens your skins, it does not mean that it is going to make your floppy vulva firmer. People who claim it works are either misinformed or plainly ignorant. In fact, there is no compelling proof that marinade is effective in firming up a loose vulva. If it worked, all women would be using it since vinegar is cheap and readily available. Not only does marinade play no part in the making your lady-bits more firm, douching with it may trigger a yeast infection.

So, after a few tries of vinegar, I’ve found out that it does not work. All the myths that I’ve read about this possible remedy stay untrue. This is actually one of the reasons why I’ve started to use V-Tight gel (check out my review of V-Tight Gel here) because I just got tired of trusting false ideas and fake natural techniques that do not actually work.

Can vinegar make me tight if I drink it?

Most women think that drinking vinegar can firm up their vag. The truth is that it won’t work. The adverse side effects are most likely to occur if you frequently drink too much of straight cider, like one glass a day. This remedy has been found to lower the pH and the friendly bacteria within the cervix, leaving it prone to some infections. The side effects of drinking copious amounts of this chemical have not been researched very much. So be sure to speak with your physician before ingesting it for whatever purpose.

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What happens if it’s added to bathwater?

Most women think that adding vinegar to bathwater can naturally tighten their vaginas. As stated, this remedy has been used as a cervical firming remedy for years. Women used to add it to their bathwater and soak in it for over 30 minutes. This, sadly, is an old wives tale as there is no concrete proof that the remedy is effective in tightening up the pussy. Even if it did work when added to bathwater, the firming effect would not last for as long as you would wish.

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Before you use this remedy, be sure to speak with your doctor first. While most women do find it useful in naturally tightening your lady-parts, the truth is that it doesn’t work. Some practical and safe methods can give you back that happiness and the delightful feeling of being desired by your man again.