How Deep is the Average Vagina?

how deep is an average vagina

It’s a question that has monopolized the attention of the best and brightest minds since time immemorial (or at least it should have): How deep is the average vagina? There have been a lot of conflicting opinions regarding vaginal depth, a lot of misconceptions and myths and a lot of things to set straight. So we’re going to take a close look at the question of vaginal depth along with a bevy of other related myths and questions and do our best to clear the air.

The Mythical Vagina

Few other body parts have given birth to so many myths and misconceptions as the vagina. One of the most prevalent misconceptions is that it basically opens up into an endless space. In the rest of this article we’re going to put that myth to rest and answer a number of questions related to common misconceptions about your vagigi.

  1. sexy pink pantyHow Deep is Your Love? – For most men, their understanding of the vagina doesn’t extend much beyond what they can see. To them, it’s a matter of genital lips leading to… terra incognita. Ask them how deep the average cavity is and you’ll get a lot of shrugged shoulders and “I dunnos.” So how deep is your vagina? Actually, not that deep. The average canal is anywhere from 3 to 6 inches deep. Which dovetails neatly with the average penis, which is about 5 1/2 inches in length when erect. Nature thinks of everything.
  2. Does the Vagina Get Deeper When Aroused? – It can. During sex, the vaginal canal (which is a fairly flexible thing) can produce a bit of extra space if it needs to in order to accommodate a penis. It does this by moving the uterus and cervix out of the way, which frees up more space. This almost never happens though unless it has to and unless the woman is sufficiently excited. Even if her lover has a substantial organ her cervix may remain in place if loverboy hasn’t taken the time to properly establish the mood.
  3. Does it Stretch or Elongate for Childbirth? – If it didn’t most women would be dealing with a problem birth and likely need a c-section. At the other end of the concern spectrum, many women worry that their private parts won’t regain their earlier, tighter form after childbirth. In reality, however, your lady parts will typically regain their previous state, although it may take several months to do so. Be patient.
  4. Does it Get Stretched out From Too Much Sex? – Myth. The vagina is composed of some of the most elastic material in the body and in the vast majority of cases will always regain its natural tightness. The idea that a woman’s genitals can be stretched out because of too much sex is a myth, likely started to try and control women’s behavior. The only times a woman’s vagina may become loose is if she has had a number of children or if she is elderly and loses muscle tone.
  5. vaginal anatomyCan a Clitoris Swell Like a Penis? – Yes. When women get sufficiently aroused their clitoris swells up the same as a penis does. It doesn’t expand to the same degree as a penis but it swells nonetheless. In most women, the engorged clitoris is easily noticeable. After arousal it will return to its ‘at rest’ state, just as a penis will.
  6. Does Every One Look the Same? – Well, sure. In a way. Sort of like all cars look the same (they’re all metal boxes with 4 wheels, seats and a steering mechanism etc). When you get past the basics though (inner and outer lips, urethra opening, clitoris, vaginal opening) the physical shape, size and distribution of elements can vary widely from woman to woman.
  7. Why Are My Genitals Darker Than the Rest of My Skin? – In spite of what you might have heard your genitals aren’t darker because the area is possessed by the devil or because it sees too much activity. Generally, the skin in the genital area is darker because it receives a higher degree of blood flow. Blood flow is crucial to preparing the genitals for sex and all that blood just below the surface is going to make the area darker. It’s totally normal.
  8. What’s the Purpose of Pubic Hair? – Pubic hair is sort of like the appendix. It doesn’t actually have any particular function on the modern human. It’s a legacy thing from a time when we had to be hairier to stay warm. Now we have central heating. Removing your pubic hair should be done carefully though, as razor cuts can lead to infections.
  9. bikini area odorIs Douching Actually Necessary? – Necessary? No. Not in most cases. Your vagina is actually quite capable of keeping itself clean most of the time. And excessive douching can leave you vulnerable to infections by removing much of the beneficial flora that helps regulate the environment in the vaginal area.
  10. Odors Are Bad, Aren’t They? – It depends entirely on the odor you’re talking about. It’s not unusual for a vagina to have a scent of its own. And that scent can change depending on your diet and things like whether you are menstruating. But this is nothing to worry about most of the time. It becomes time to worry only when any odor becomes persistent and thoroughly unpleasant and/or if there is some type of discharge. You may have a yeast infection or some type of bacterial imbalance that needs to be addressed. Contact your doctor and discuss the situation with her.

Putting it All Together

The average vagina is about as deep as the average penis is long. Your vulva is darker than the rest of your skin because blood flow in that area is heavier than in other areas of the body. Your vagina emits an odor because it’s supposed to do. Your clit will swell when aroused. Your pubic hair is a legacy from a hairier time (but shave with care), and you can’t get all stretched out from having regular sex. We hope we were able to dispel some myths and misconceptions for you.