How to Improve Your Stamina in Bed

menandwomenWhile all-night sex is unrealistic and honestly just a tad tiring, it cannot hurt to last a little longer than usual in bed. The average for most couples is 3 to 5 minutes but most women report a desire to have sex last for 10 to 15 minutes. Here are a few things ladies can do to stretch the clock in bed.  Go here to see some other tips for ladies when dealing with sexual activity.

1. Stretch out the foreplay

Take control of the foreplay and make it last longer. The longer (up to a certain point) and more intensive the foreplay the more satisfying the sex will be. Instead of rushing through things, let the foreplay run for as long as reasonably possible.

Here, you might have to be a bit creative with ideas. You can use things like food, sex toys, and music to start heating things up. The most important thing is to find foreplay ideas that turn the both of you up; essentially finding your fetishes.

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During foreplay, start out small with something as simple as music, cuddling or dancing. Keep building up the intensity with things like oral sex. Keep increasing the tempo until you can stand it no longer. At that point, it will be easier for you to orgasm.

2. Switch among different positions

Some positions tend to drive men towards orgasm more quickly than others. Your secret to keeping things going for longer is not to let the tempo build up too much in one position. As soon as you feel him getting close, switch up to another location. The change helps him last longer and also makes things more interesting.

The good idea is to determine his best position; the one that drives him crazy. Start out with other areas and as you both get closer to orgasm, finish off in his favorite place.

3. Prepare the right food

Certain foods are known for their ability to increase stamina. The next time you go grocery shopping, include the following in your shopping list.

  • Ginger – it helps increase blood flow thus increasing stamina and performance for both of you.
  • Spinach – this super nutritious food does more wonders than you would expect. It is high in arginine, a component that fuels and maintains erections for longer.
  • Garlic – it helps prevent the formation of fatty deposits in arteries, which helps maintain a healthy blood flow to the penis. This is essential in preserving stamina in bed.
  • Other good foods that help increase stamina include oats, pomegranates, salmon, and nuts.

4. Try Kegels together

Kegels are not just for women; they can also help improve pelvic muscle strength for men. With stronger pelvic muscles, men can maintain the erection for longer. Invite him to your daily personal session of Kegel exercise. It will be more fun together and will benefit both of you in bed.

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5. Workout together

Exercise is essential in sexual stamina. It increases blood flow, improves endurance and boosts overall health. Go for a jog every morning or sign up at the gym and make a workout date every day with him. Not only will his stamina increase, but you will also both find yourselves with more energy for sex.