5 Unusual Ways To Naturally Tighten Your Vagina

After childbirth, most women have a rather embarrassing issue—a loose vagina. A floppy vag results in many problems including incontinence reduced sexual pleasure and delayed orgasm due to the reduction of friction between the penis and the vulva. The feeling of a loose vag also leaves most women with low self-esteem. If you are tired of the loose sensation during sex, a tight cervix will take your sex life to the new and incredible heights. Here are a few natural ways that can help tighten your lady parts.

eat right

1. Stay On A Good Diet (or Use Vinegar?)

To restore the loose pelvic floor muscles, you don’t just need exercises; you also have to feed your muscles correctly every day to ensure optimal growth and repair. Eat lots of foods that are rich in natural estrogens found in sesame seeds, carrots, fenugreek seeds, pomegranates, yarns, wheat berries, and apples. Also, make sure that you eat lots of organic fruits and vegetables, organic lean animal protein and wholegrain natural carbs. A healthy diet will keep your inner muscles stronger and healthier.

Some people claim that vinegar, applied directly to the opening of the vulva or added to bathwater, can help naturally tighten a loose vag. This is merely an old wives tale and can leave the vulva prone to many infections. So, we do not recommend doing this experiment as there is no real scientific proof of it working.

Doing natural whole foods is excellent for your health, it might not seem as much, but it does help a lot. Have you ever heard of the saying “what you reap is what you sow”? It makes sense when it comes to our body. Our body is like a vehicle, and the food that we put in it is like the fuel that makes the car run. By that analogy, you might have a Ferrari for a body, but if you put in cheap fuel in it, it won’t perform as well. We are only as good as the things that we put in our mouths. A better diet means better performance on all our body’s cylinders.


2. Using Natural Aloe Vera Extract

natural aloe veraAloe Vera is a proven natural remedy to naturally tighten the vag and prevent prolapse thanks to its astringent properties. The plant contains lots of vitamins including vitamins A, C, folic acid, choline and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, and sodium all of which are crucial in promoting vaginal tightness. This is a natural plant that does not need any complicated rules to use. Only squeeze the gel from a fresh Aloe Vera leaf and gently douse it in using your finger. This can be done 5-6 times a day. If mixed with saliva minutes before application, it is an excellent lubricant that will make sex incredible.

I’m pretty sure that this is not the first time that you’ve heard about aloe vera being used for some beauty help. It’s quite a common ingredient in most beauty products because of its natural ingredients that help hydrate our bodies. And, luckily, your vagina isn’t any different. Any natural aloe vera will do for this process; you can either get straight from the plant or buy some from the store. There are even lubricants that are aloe vera based, and that might be worth looking into.

3. Doing Kegel Exercises Regularly

The great thing about Kegel exercises is that they can be done at home without anyone knowing you are working to keep it tight down there. These simple vaginal muscle exercises can help strengthen the vaginal muscles and can tone your floppy vag back to its pre-stretched condition. These exercises are easy to perform once you were known how to do them. First, find the muscles you use to stop the flow of urine by lying on your back. Once you find them, squeeze them for about a second then relax for a second. Train these pelvic muscles by performing 3 to 6 sets of 25 reps every day, and you will notice changes down there.CTA yellow

4. Knowing How To Do Squats

Squats are sometimes known to as the king of all exercises as they work the hips, quads, hamstrings and sneakily strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, how to do them is a different question. If done properly, squats will effectively strengthen your vaginal muscles and tone your lady-bits back to its pre-stretched state. If you have never performed squats, you will find them difficult at first. But once you get used to doing them, you can do them anytime as long as you have the required energy. To perform the perfect squats, stand with feet wide, ensuring they are level. With your hips tucked in, pretend that you are sitting on a chair. For better results, add hand weights.

5. Using Vaginal Props At Home

a woman working out in the streetsDuring child delivery, the pelvic floor has to overstretch to allow the baby to pass through it. Sometimes Kegels and squats may not be enough to strengthen the pelvic floor. If you have tried Kegels and squats to no avail, try using these props. Although they are not popular, props can help make you tighter and restore your lost confidence.

These props bulge around the middle of the vulva, allowing you to naturally tighten the vagina muscles repeatedly, strengthening them over time. Using them is easy. Just place the props into your vagina and hold them tightly around the pussy. They usually come in balls, cones, and barbells. Whatever the design, they come in varying widths and weights.

If you use any of the above methods, you will notice changes down there in no time. These methods are efficient and have no adverse side effects. Don’t use any natural vaginal tightening product (check the review here) if you don’t know what ingredients it contains. Speak with your doctor before you use over-the-counter to make sure it suits yours well.