Is Soap Safe to Use on your Vagina?


Among the many things that you need to know about your vagina is that it is not only complicated, but it is also a very delicate thing. This is why it is essential that you know how to take better care of it and that you have a good idea how to keep it clean and fresh and healthy at all times.

Many women are guilty of not paying it that much attention, and there are those that seem to be overdoing things too. Taking care of this part of the woman anatomy is very important as doing it wrong is only likely to cause such uncomfortable conditions as infections, thrush, and even UTIs.

There are many instances when one thinks that she is doing her lady parts a favor by doing something that she thinks is going to be beneficial to it. But there are also many instances when all of these good intentions are only likely causing it to be at risk of getting infected. A better idea of how to handle the feminine area is always important especially when it comes to cleaning it to ensure that it is not put in any risk.

It is pretty intuitive for people just to go ahead and scrub up when in the shower. But this should not be the same thing to do when it comes to handling the sensitive parts. A lot of women often get this wrong thinking that the more they scrub the area of the better. This is not the case. There are so many questions that one has to answer right where the genitals are concerned. Whether or not to use soap or whether one is doing too little cleaning or too much these are all valid concerns that need to be addressed if one were to make sure that she is taking care of those nether regions the right way.

Focus Only On The External Regions

The vulva, or the external part of the vagina, does need some tender loving care. But when it comes to its internal portion, the actual vagina itself, it is a pretty different story. This is because this part of the nether region pretty much takes care of itself. It has built-in mechanisms that make it easy for it to keep itself clean. It even has its healthy ecosystem. This is why there is no need for a woman to have to fuss over what s going on inside at all.

No Need For a Special Soap


The vagina often has a pH level of 3.5 to about 4.5. However, when one opts to use hygiene products like soaps and body wash, it is likely to upset the pH balance since they tend to have a pH of 8. As a result, people can experience irritation, odor, as well as itchiness. If you do want to use soap in this part of the body, make sure that you go for the unscented ones. Sure, those with scents and flavors may seem to smell better, but really, you are not doing your private parts a favor if you do.

Fragrances and scents are possible irritants. If you want to use soap, then go

for unscented bar soaps as they tend to have lower alcohol content, just be mindful of itchiness and dryness as well as changes in your discharge as these are all signs that it is about time for you to shift to an even gentler soap.

Once a Day Cleaning Is Enough

While cleaning is very important, you would not want to overdo it too. Cleaning any less than once a day is going to cause you not to be able to get rid of all those sweat build-ups and other secretions. But if you are going to clean this part of your body anymore, it is not going to disrupt the delicate balance of good bacteria in the vaginal area. A suitable cleaning method would be to use a washcloth. Free-handing is an even better way of doing it as it prevents causing small tears in the area.

Avoid Douching

This does not have to do with cleaning the outside part of your nether regions. The external portion does need once a day cleaning. But douching has something to do with spraying water inside to get it flushed is a definite no. It is only going to mess up that balance inside and will just likely to cause you more problems than what you have anticipated.

Avoid Putting Things On It To Tighten It

woman in towel

Many women have this penchant for inserting substances up there just for the sake of getting it to feel tighter. When it comes to sex, your sexual partner should appreciate your vagina the way it is. There is no need for you to have to change its shape or its looks or its elasticity for that matter. Besides, putting all these substances up there is only going to likely increase the chance of it getting irritated which would cause you even more severe problems than the displeasure of a sexual partner.

Dry It After Shower

Sure, you need to get out of the house fast, and you need to get those knickers on as soon as you can. But do take a little pause and make sure to spend time patting your lady parts dry first. You will need to make sure that all those moisture from the shower is dried correctly off otherwise you are only causing it to be a perfect breeding ground for infection and bacteria.

Avoid Using Cleaning Products If You Can

You will need to remember that this part of your body is built to be efficient at keeping itself clean. It does not require any help at all. It does not need homemade lubes, vegetables, herbs, perfumes and even soaps to keep it clean and fresh. Water is more than enough for the job. But if you ever feel the need to, make sure that you go for the proper soap and unscented ones to avoid unnecessary irritations.