Is Vaginal Bleaching a Trend These Days?

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The cosmetics industry has allowed people to achieve their desired levels of beauty. If you do not like how a particular part of your body looks, you can change it. Different cosmetic procedures especially Brazilian waxes have given people the courage to try achieving desired beauty in quite some unusual areas – including the genitals. Below we focus on a seemingly bizarre beauty procedure that is gaining popularity day by day: vaginal bleaching.

Vaginal bleaching is also known as genital bleaching, genital whitening or pussy bleaching. As much as this may look like a new concept in beauty, porn stars and strippers have done it for years. Bridesmaids characters are also said to bleach “down there.” Access to porn has become more ubiquitous, so men now demand lighter skin in the intimate areas.

The beauty technique refers to changing the color of the labia/vulva to pink. Factors like skin chafing, hormones, age, and many fabric rubbing contribute to extra pigmentation in the genital area.

There are three ways to achieve this: via using DIY creams, spa treatments, or laser bleaching. Let’s delve into each of these options.

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DIY Creams

This is the most popular option since it is affordable when compared to spa center or laser bleaching. It is also a bit tricky since you have to choose your creams very carefully. The skin in the genital area is susceptible. You are advised to go for creams made up of 100% natural products and avoid those with hydroquinone or Kojic acid. Hydroquinone causes uterine cancer. With DIY bleaching, you can get lighter skin in the genitals for less than $3.

Spa Centers

Spa centers are way expensive when compared to DIY vaginal bleaching. Each session could be $250 or more. You also get a kit to use at home, including a bleaching cream. Some spa centers offer discounts for a package of 4 to 6 treatments. By the end of the first session, the skin in your intimate area should be 2 to 3 shades lighter. As you go for more sessions, your skin continues to lighten.

Some spas will use a blended acid peel for the first session. The second course may involve the use of the cream that inhibits pigmentation. Some centers offer very personalized services, where they will study your skin color, and the color of the skin in the intimate area that you want to be bleached, as well as what you intend to achieve with your pussy bleaching.

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Laser Vaginal Bleaching

This option is a viable one for those people looking for a way to permanently get rid of the pigmentation in their vaginal area. The entire procedure is about 30 minutes. It entails numbing the area and then using a laser to treat the area. The laser removes melanin from the skin, which makes it lighter.

After the procedure, the area should be kept clean. Refrain from sex for a minimum of 3 days. You need a maximum of 2 treatments, which are usually months apart.

So, What’s the Deal?

Vaginal bleaching has become a trend in the cosmetics industry. As celebrities continue to publicize it and as the options become more available and cheaper, more people are willing to try it out. The more comfortable access to porn also creates a demand for lighter skin in the intimate areas. There are three options to choose from. If you go for creams, pick those with natural ingredients.