V-Tight Gel: My Experience & Honest Review for 2018

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Are you worried that your vagina isn’t tight enough?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. It can be a difficult subject to talk about, even with your closest friends. Many women will just ignore their problems, but this can lead to self-consciousness and anxiety which can cause even more problems in your intimate relationships.

If you’ve made it this far though you’ve taken the first step to getting your confidence back and you’ll be happy to know there is something you can do about it! Believe it or not, the issues are way more widespread than you’d think. After doing some research, I’ve discovered that THOUSANDS of women are worried about a loose vagina.

Here’s my honest review of what I believe is the best vagina tightening product on the market, V-Tight Gel — and trust me, I’ve tried a ton of them! Once you start making the change, you’ll wonder what took you so long. You’ll regain your confidence in the bedroom, and feel sexier than ever. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling like your younger sexy self and start enjoying a more satisfying love life again.

Why Should I Use V-Tight Gel?

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Like a lot of women, I felt my body change after giving birth. After the pregnancy, I felt that my vagina wasn’t as tight as it had been before. This caused a lot of anxiety for me as my sexual relationship with my partner was terrific before our child was born, and I was worried that losing that intimacy could affect our relationship. While my partner would never say anything about the issue to me, after years of fantastic sex, I could tell when he wasn’t as satisfied. I felt ashamed and was determined to find a solution.

I started to search online to try to find a way to get “back in the saddle” so to speak! Once I started looking around, I realized that a lot of women suffer from this same problem. Far from being alone, it seems that many women go through the same thing after childbirth, or just from aging naturally. It was a relief to know that I wasn’t alone or some freak. As I searched around a bit more, I found even more good news – there was a solution!

While I read some articles about women having surgery to tighten their vagina, I never considered that option. The cost, risk, and invasiveness of such procedures were just not worth it for me. I’ve always valued natural solutions, and I wouldn’t want to compromise that now when the most sensitive part of my body was involved.

I found more blogs and pages advocating for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles through Kegel exercises. While I tried these, I feel they are better used to complement other remedies since they don’t have enough of a lasting effect on their own. They work – but for me, it wasn’t fast enough.

Eventually, I found what I’d been looking for. V-Tight Gel. There are a lot of other similar products on the market, but I found the reviews for this one were remarkable. So many satisfied customers – and stories of content partners! With a money-back guarantee, it also meant that trying it out was risk-free. In my mind, there was no reason not to give it a go. After finding out where to buy V-Tight gel, I made my purchase discreetly online. I was ready to take my sex life back into my own hands!

Of course, there are always a few things that aren’t perfect, so I’ll explain what I liked about this treatment, and what could be improved.


What I Loved About the Product

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Everything about this product is the epitome of “easy to use.” Buying online means no awkward conversations at the drugstore. While we’re all trying to be body positive and not feel shame about caring for our bodies these days, it is a work in progress! There are still things that we like to keep private! Buying online offers that discretion and I were pleased to see the product arrived in a plain, unmarked box.

The money-back guarantee means you can try it without fear of wasting your money. Knowing you have that security is a huge plus when trying a new product. Not that I ever needed to worry about a return! The question “Does V-Tight Gel work?” was undoubtedly answered for me!

It is also easy to apply once you’re ready to try it. There’s nothing invasive or embarrassing about it. Better still, I felt aroused. This was an added advantage considering users can have sexual intercourse within minutes of applying it. I felt a sense of fulfillment that I hadn’t felt since before I became pregnant.


Sex became more enjoyable than it has been for years and I experienced mind-boggling orgasms. I could apply it a few minutes before making love, and it made me feel tighter. It was not only the cream though; I liked that my purchase gave me various options, such as a V Tight kegel exercise program and hygiene tips. In addition to these, they gave me discounts and free product for ordering multiple tubes.

The Downsides of the Product

Buying online can be a problem if you don’t plan. Since the product is not available in stores, if you do run out, you will need to order online and wait until it is delivered. For some people who struggle with planning – like me – this can be an issue. On their website, however, they do offer a range of packages and regular purchase options to make sure you never run out.

At times I felt that after I had sex, I lost some of the tightness that the gel had helped me gain. However, reapplying the gel afterward made sure I was back to feeling sexy again. This issue leads me to the idea that the product does help you achieve that tightness instantly but you do have to take care of it even when using the product. There are programs that the product suggests to do to maintain your rejuvenated body and surprisingly, they are not difficult to get into. Trust me; I’ve tried it.

So, all in all, I don’t see this being a downside. It’s like a reality check more so than anything.


What Others had to Say About V-Tight Gel?

gerryI don’t like talking about my vagina. After the birth of my first child, though, I felt like I needed to. Sex was not the same as it used to be, and I could tell that my husband was less satisfied. I considered surgery, but it was expensive, and the potential side effects scared me off. I decided to try V-Tight gel because it was made from safe, natural ingredients and it promised results in a matter of hours.

V-Tight gel worked wonders for me. About an hour after applying it for the first time, my husband and I were able to have sex just like we used to. I can feel the long-term effects kicking in — my vagina is tighter and better feeling in-between applications. The product is easy to apply, safe, and efficiently solved my problems. Thanks, V-Tight!

-Gerry 28, USA


My husband stopped sleeping with me after our second child. I’ve tried a considerable number of over-the-counter medicines and creams to try to get my vagina to be tighter. After an adverse reaction to a chemical found in one “cure,” I decided to go all-natural. V-Tight gel’s chemical-free formulation looked like it was right for me.

I initially only purchased a one month supply. After using the product for a week, though, I bought an additional five months of gel. It works wonders! Unlike some “cures,” I can *feel* the product tightening my vagina within moments of applying it. I surprised my husband with sex immediately after and our relationship has gotten back on track. Thanks to V-Tight, I feel confident in the bedroom again.

-Monica 31, Canada


I’m only 25, so when my sexual partners started commenting on how loose my vagina was, I was mortified. I haven’t had kids either. It was too embarrassing for me to talk to anyone about. I decided to try V-Tight on a whim — it was cheap enough that I could pick up a month’s supply just to try.

V-Tight gel has been satisfactory so far. I can apply it before a date or party, and it’ll keep my vagina tight all night long. It’s pleasant to use and has reduced my need for lube. Best of all, I have more sensation during sex and have had a much easier time reaching orgasm after using V-Tight gel.

I’m so happy with this product I could shout. Still, it’s a bit too embarrassing to go around telling my friends and partners that I have a loose vagina, so I’ll settle on leaving this review for now. If you are experiencing any problems with your vagina not being tight enough, I STRONGLY suggest you check out V-Tight.

-Louise 25, USA



My experience with V-Tight gel was stellar. Having twins did a number on my vagina last year. While my husband claims it’s not a problem, he seems to prefer oral sex these days. I wanted to try something to fix our issues in the bedroom and try to get more sensation from my vagina.

I was skeptical of V-Tight’s claims at first. After I had looked into the formulation of the product, however, I was impressed. This was made by a group of dedicated people who knew their stuff. Unlike other gels, the product is specially done to match the acid content of a vagina, to avoid causing a pH imbalance. It contains a mix of safe, natural substances like tannins and arginine that won’t cause any reactions or irritations.

The product takes about 15 minutes to kick in for me. The difference between having sex with V-Tight gel and without is like night and day. I can honestly say that the product increases the sensation in my vagina by a factor of 10. It’s entirely changed my attitude towards sex and has me feeling confident and comfortable with my body. I would recommend this to anyone who’s given birth to a large child, twins or triplets.

-Cherry 27, Thailand

annaI’ve never been able to reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse. After doing some research online, I stumbled on the idea that my vagina might be too “loose” and that the problem might be with me and not with my partners. Well, how am I supposed to know that? I’ve never had sex with someone else’s vagina. V-Tight offered an inexpensive and safe approach to the problem that didn’t require surgery or prescription drugs.

I applied the product for the first time last week. Sex with my boyfriend felt completely different. I’ve never had so much sensation down there. I wasn’t able to reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone, but I came a LOT closer, and the result was a much more stimulating and exciting sex experience. I think this product should be talked about more. A lot of women could benefit from the increased sensation that I experienced.

-Anna 35, UK

So, here’s all the data that I’ve collected about the product.

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of using V-tight gel:

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Why Vagina Tightening Pills Do not Work?

Some women believe that these tightening pills and products work in getting a firm body, but sadly they do not work. There are far better products in the market like V Cream and V Gel that countless of ladies use up to this day that has far better results than the pills. These online products such a V Cream and V Gel have been on the market for quite a while now, and millions of women can share you their experiences with the product.

The V Cream has very natural ingredients that do not harm your sensitive areas; it is safe to use unless you are pregnant or very susceptible to gels and creams which are very unlikely. Many V Gel products are available for delivery all over the world as this product is in very high demand from women of all ages. For women that think V Creams do not work as well as vagina tightening pills, then you are mistaken as you will be amazed at the results after just one day of using the V Cream or V Gel.

So, Should you Buy V Tight Gel?


I’m so thankful to have found V-Tight Gel. Within minutes of applying it, I felt like I was when I was in my 20s again and you better believe I got my groove back.

It is time to stop feeling shame about our bodies and do something about it. V-Tight Gel allowed me to explore the kind of confidence I haven’t felt in years, and I have the same spirit that it can do that for you too.

With the advantages of being able to buy discreetly online, along with money back guarantee, there isn’t any reason not to give it a try. I think you’ll be incredibly satisfied – and so will your partner!

Many people that I know have been asking me non-stop about this product, and all that I can say is that it’s the best one that I’ve ever tried. And, trust me, I’ve attempted to ALL OF THEM. So, not only is V-Tight Gel affordable with a full-refund policy, but it also has exclusive discounts for bulk orders which are a bonus if you ask me because not too many companies offer that feature for their products. So, what are you waiting for? The solution to your problems is right here, just click the button below to buy the product from the official website.


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