Does V tight Work?

does v-tight workIn my previous post (here), I shared my experience trying to buy v-tight gel from different sources. The big question on every woman’s lips is “Does this product work?” Before I started using this product, I did a little research on how the product works. In this article, I will be sharing my findings with you so you can make a wise decision.

Does it really work?

Before I tell you how this vaginal cream works, let’s take a look at what it does for its users. V-tight Gel is a tightening cream that’s designed to lubricate and shrink the walls of your vagina. The product can be used alone but give quick results when used in combination with a V-Tight vaginal exercise program.

What makes this product outstanding is the fact that it succeeds within minutes to reduce your loose vagina. Unlike other vaginal creams out there for strengthening a floppy vagina, you can resume your sex life after minutes of applying the cream.


How does it work?

V-Tight Gel works by firming and reshaping vaginal walls. As I stated above, you can use it alone or in combination with Exercise Programs for quick results. The product does the trick for women who have such vaginal issues as lack of elasticity, vaginal dryness, and loss of suppleness because of reasons such as pregnancy, menopause, imbalanced hormonal secretion, and childbirth. This product is fantastic.

You don’t have to spend your money on products that don’t do anything. With the constant application of the gel, you are sure to have quicker and much more permanent results. This is especially true if you are also doing natural kegel exercises to tighten your vaginal muscles as well as following a more healthy diet.

These techniques put together to form a reaction on your private parts that will make it feel and look young again. As long as you are being consistent with everything that you are doing, then the results are going to come quick and last for an extended period.

What are the ingredients?

V-Tight Gel is made from Manjakani, a fruit that has been used in Asia and parts of Europe as a herb for shrinking a full vagina. Other ingredients in this product are fruit extract, leaf extract, arginine, sodium PCA, sodium benzoate as well as citric acid. These components are 100% natural and are useful in tightening your slack vagina.

As mentioned, its primary ingredient is Manjakani. Manjakani, also known as oak galls, is a fruit that is derived from oak trees. The extract has been used by Asian women for various purposes, including treating many vaginal problems such as vaginal dryness, vaginal itching, vaginal infection, vaginal discharge, and vaginal looseness.

Here is the list of ingredients of V-tight gel:

Fruit Extract
Leaf Extract
Sodium PCA
Sodium Benzoate
Citric Acid


Is this product safe?

When you are dealing with a wide vagina, the last thing you want is to use a product that has adverse side effects. Before I use any product, I usually research about its safety and any potential side effects. This product is made from 100% natural ingredients, meaning you will experience no unpleasant side effect. The only reported side effect so far is increased sex drive. For this reason, it’s worth a try.

My experience

two thumbs up

To me, whatever offers real results from a trustworthy and reliable company is far better than some cheap, substandard product. This is why v-tight gel is my first pick as the best option to get rid of my vagina problem.

You don’t want to buy a product that won’t succeed, and you need to ensure you’re receiving what you ordered. In my attempt to purchase this product, I stumbled upon some suppliers who promised immediate visible results. If you have read reviews online and wanted to give it a try, you want to get the best price from a trustworthy and reliable source.

Of course, you don’t want your friends to know that you are trying to tighten your loose vagina. Neither do you want to get screwed. The best place to shop for this product is directly from the manufacturer at If you buy directly from the manufacturer, you can rest assured that you will get a quality product at a discounted price. Before you add this product to your shopping cart, read about my experience trying to obtain it from various sources. This will save you from some heartaches and embarrassment.

If you have a wide vagina, odds are you have looked into many options available for vagina tightening. For me, I was not only looking for a natural way to shrink my wide vagina but a method that succeeded fast and offered a permanent solution. After reading a few v-tight reviews online, I decided to give a try. Are you agonized by this problem and wondering whether this product lives up to its claims? Below is my experience with this product along with what I liked and what I did not like about it.


Does v-tight gel work? – My story

After I had my first baby, I experienced what every woman experiences after childbirth: a loose vagina. While my husband remained mum about the issue, I knew something was not right as he would avoid sex as much as he could. This made me feel bad about myself because I knew our relationship was on its death bed. I started feeling unsexy to the point of avoiding social gatherings. I thought that I was all alone in the world.

Although my husband didn’t raise complaints, I wanted to feel youthful again so I could satisfy him. After several months of Googling things such as “why has my vagina lost its tightness” and “how can I make my vagina smaller without going for surgeries”-I desperately needed not just a solution, but a lasting one. I tried lots of methods, but none did the trick for me. I was wasting more than money on products that failed to correct my condition.

One day as I was surfing the net, I came across some v-tight gel reviews. As my curiosity grew, so did my interest in giving it a try. So I decided to give a try and see if it works (read my V-tight gel review).


What I liked about this product

The one thing I liked about this product is that it is backed by a cash back guarantee. I knew that if the product did not meet my expectation, could ask for my money back. This is a big plus for women looking for solutions to their loose vagina, as they don’t have to invest in a product that doesn’t do anything and being unable get their cash back. To me, the money back guarantee was a big bonus since there was nothing to lose.

I bought one tube, and I was amazed at how small I had become. I bought a few bottles the following week to be even lower. I was surprised at how fast the first bottle’s results were excellent. Within minutes of applying it, I felt smaller AND aroused. Since users don’t have to wait for weeks to resume their sex life, this was an added advantage. When I was ready for a sexual encounter with my husband, I applied the cream on the opening of my vagina minutes prior, and sex was better than it’s been in a very long time! The suppliers gave me numerous options such as the v-tight exercise program as well as clean living tips.

They also give free bottles if you buy multiple tubes.


What I didn’t like about this product

The one thing I did not like about this product is that it’s available online and this made me uncomfortable about ordering such a product online. It is embarrassing when you have a floppy vagina, and so I wanted to be confident that the product will be shipped discreetly. Amazon says that the customer’s privacy is their number one priority but labels the contents of their products right on top the box! But when I ordered directly from the manufacturer, I was happy to find out that when they delivered it to me, the product wasn’t tampered with.

The other thing that I realized after applying the cream was that after several hours, I did not feel as tight after I had sex with my husband. I felt a bit loose, but after re-applying the product, I did feel tight again– like the first application. When I combined the product with the exercise program, I got better and long lasting results. In my opinion, this is a great product that has helped thousands of woman across the world regain their tightness.

Tight Vagina 11What You Should Do

After having concerns about my loose vagina, I looked into countless options for vaginal tightening. For me, I wanted a supplier that sold it the cheapest and was discreet. The first thing I did was jump on Google to find out who offered the best deal. This does not mean that I am cheap. I understand that inferior product can be expensive in the long run because most of them are substandard. But I didn’t mind a cheap item if it was a high-end piece.

A Big Mistake

Apparently, the last thing you need is for anyone to know that you are working to shrink you wide vagina. When I placed an ordered with Amazon, I thought they would be discreet. But to my surprise, what was inside the box was right on the top for the whole world to read. Also, upon receiving my order, I learned that the order was not shipped from the U.S. That’s not all! The customs had opened my vaginal tightening cream! Whose hands had touched my stuff? Gosh!

Apparently, Amazon is cheaper than most stores because suppliers outsource their products and shipping overseas. So my cream wasn’t shipped directly from the US. Sadly, my attempt to return the product and get a refund proved futile owing to Amazon’s strict refund policy. Since then, I have never ordered any other product from Amazon. I usually order v tight gel directly from the manufacturer because I know what am receiving, where it is being shipped from, and I can get refunded if anything goes wrong.

How To Order From The Manufacturer

I had a horrible experience with my order from Amazon and swore never again to order from them. These days, I order directly from the company, and I can proudly say that the process is smooth. First, there’s an option of tracking your order to find out which day it will be delivered to you. Secondly, the manufacturer provides more bonuses like discounts, free bottles, package deals as well as various price selections. Thirdly, the manufacture offers these products at a reasonable price compared to 3rd party suppliers.


Cash back guarantee!

For me, refunds are a huge bonus offer when purchasing something new. This allows me to try the product without worrying about wasting cash if it does not work. The company offers the money back guarantee if you don’t get results. This shows that the company believes in this product. This will give you a peace of mind that the product is safe and will offer real results. This product will work for you. There’s no doubt about that. But you can return it if you are not satisfied with the results.

best-priceGetting the best possible deal

Since I have used this cream and had terrific results, I usually buy a couple of bottles whenever I visit the website to save big. If you need to try it out without making the substantial financial commitment, a one month supply will cost you $39. If you buy more than one bottle, they will give you significant discounts. You don’t have to worry about making the huge financial commitment as every tube you buy backed by a money back guarantee.


Natural Ingredients

Free Shipping

Bulk Orders

Money Back Guarantee

Discreet Packaging

If you can comfortably afford vaginal surgery, then go for it. But if you need a natural approach that won’t cost you lots of cash, the v tight gel is your best option. This product gave me real results within a few minutes. If you exercise on a regular basis and use this product continuously, you can bid farewell to your vaginal problems. The 100% money back guarantee offer was enough to compel me to test the waters, and to my surprise, it worked! My vagina felt better, and sex was more enjoyable after using it. For the first time in two years, my husband mentioned that my lady-parts were much tighter and I liked it.

It made sex more pleasurable for my husband and me. There’s no doubt that this product is the right option to tighten your loose vagina. So, try it out today because if it doesn’t work, there’s nothing to lose since you can return it for a full refund. This is only possible when you buy it directly from the manufacturer.