Apparently, There’s a Right And a Wrong Kind Of Vagina


What every woman needs to know about that place down there is that it is always going to be different for everyone else. The vagina comes in all shapes and sizes. It all comes in all colors too. This is the reason why it can be hard for some people to determine whether what they have going on down there is right or wrong. The key is to know that everybody is different, but also to realize when they should start to get worried about the state down under.

Vaginal Discharges Happen But Do Watch Out

One needs to understand that discharges are normal for women’s private parts. It is important in making sure that bacteria in the cervix and the vagina, as well as dead cells, are properly discharged. The amount of discharge, smell, and color can vary. The color can vary for either from whitish to milky. It is important though that one takes note of any changes that do not seem to be normal to you. Be aware that significant changes in consistency, smell, as well as in color can just be attributed to hormonal fluctuations that are normal. But it can also be a cause for something more serious such as cervical cancer.

A Stronger Smell

Every vagina smells, and everyone feels differently. While it is true that your private parts are not expected to smell like freshly baked cake, it is also important to note when the smell seems to be way funkier than what is normal.

There are some reasons why the smells can be stronger than what it used to be. For instance, poor hygiene and inflammation along the vaginal area may be possible causes. It is also likely a sign of infection and in some cases, even cancer. Keep it clean, and if the smell persists, it is time to give your doctor a call.

It Is Way Too Dry

woman stressed

There is something for you to worry about when it is as dry as the desert down there. Of course, one has to remember that age is going to have a crucial role on this. It is important to remember that there should be this thin wall of moisture that will coat the vaginal walls. This increases when one is aroused sexually. This changes though after a woman experiences menopause as there is a decline in estrogen that will cause less and less moisture in the area.

There are also times when the moisture level decreases due to hormonal changes regardless of the age. If you suddenly feel a sudden dryness in the area and you are n

ot of menopausal age, and the problem seems to persist, then it is important to see your doctor right away to make sure that this is not something worth for serious concern.

Burning Is Wrong

It should not hurt whenever you pee. Ever. If you feel that burning sensation whenever you try to pee, there is definitely a problem. You should be aware that there is a healthy balance of bacteria in this part of the body. But sometimes, the wrong kind gets in, and it causes a problem. This is what will usually cause that bringing sensation that you are feeling.

Most of the time, if theinfection is mild; it can clear up after only a few days. If it does not clear up though, it is certainly something that your doctor might want to be concerned with. Consult your doctor to ensure that the possibility of this being something worse is going to be ruled out.

Irritation, Itching, Or Redness


There are a number of reasons why you are experiencing these symptoms. There is bacterial vaginosis. It can be a sign that you are infected with sexually transmitted diseases too. It is also a common symptom for women with yeast infection. Most women will experience these symptoms at some point and they will usually come along with white and thick discharges. Do remember though that itching may also be caused as a reaction to the kind of condom you are using during sex or just because you opted to shift to a new fabric softener. If the symptoms do not go away after a few days, it is best to refer to your doctor so the actual cause is properly pinpointed.

Pelvic Pain When Not On Your Period

It is common for most women to experience that achy and dull pain during their period. There are even others that suffer from severe pain too. But if this is a pain that you feel in the pelvic region constantly, then there is a very good chance that this is something for you to be more concerned about. This can be a problem in the organs along the pelvic area such as the fallopian tubes, the uterus, etc. If you suffer from severe cramps every time you are on your period, there are medications that your doctor should be able to prescribe for you.

Abnormal Bleeding


If you bleed when you are not on your period, make sure to go see your doctor just to be sure. Small amounts of blood and spotting when it is not time for your monthly visitor can be symptom for cysts, pregnancy, STIs, miscarriages, celiac disease, as we as eve different cancer types. Seeing your doctor will help rule things out and will give you that much-needed peace of mind. So, it is important to pay close attention to these signs in order to get them checked out as early and as fast as you can.

Keeping It Healthy

Always remember that every vagina is different. But the more that you know yours, the easier it is for you to spot anything abnormal when it happens. Pay close attention to your private parts (find out how) make sure to keep it clean. Keep it healthy. Avoid using products that are likely to irritate it too. It will be easier for you to track its health when you know that you are doing every single step that should to keep it at the peak of heath at all times.