5 of The Biggest Myths About Vaginal Tightening

What are the biggest myths about vaginal tightening you’ve ever heard? You probably have listened to quite a number, and this is probably making you unsure or worried. This is perhaps stopping you from doing certain things like exercises, having a fear of giving birth to your next child, or always feeling your body to make sure it’s not too loose or anything like that. However, do you know that most of these myths aren’t true? Let’s take a look at the common ones.


1. The Vagina Becomes Loose Over Time

Everyone knows that the vagina becomes loose over the years, right? Well, do you know that the vagina never gets loose but remains the same throughout life? What is affected is the pelvic floor muscle which surrounds the vagina and vaginal walls. These muscles control the opening and closing of the vagina. During arousal, the muscles relax and become more flexible and tighten upon reaching orgasm. Vagina tightening targets the pelvic floor muscles and not the vaginal itself.

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2. Lots of Sex Loosens your Vagina

The prevailing notion is that lots of sex will eventually wear-down your vagina. This is why many people say that a woman with a loose vagina has seen lots of action. But the truth is too much sex doesn’t make the vagina any looser. This particular organ consists of specific elastic muscles that surround it and will relax and allow the vagina to widen when aroused. However, after the excitement is over they return to their original position just like an elastic band or rubber.

3. The Hymen Grows back During Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal tightening is about making the hymen grow back, isn’t it? Truth is it has nothing to do with the hymen. The hymen is a particular type of membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. However, once it raptures it can never grow back even if a woman never participates in the penetrative sexual activity.

4. Giving Birth Makes your Vagina Loose

Giving birth permanently does not make your vagina loose. The vagina is supported and surrounded by very elastic muscles that can stretch to allow the baby to pass through. Therefore, they will return to their original position gradually. The only bit of truth in this myth is that continuously giving birth to four of more kids(every year) may make your vagina a bit loose. For more information go here.

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5. The Tighter the Vagina the Better

People prefer the tightest vagina. Nothing can be more wrong that this myth. When it’s too tight, the vagina doesn’t relax comfortably, and lubrication becomes a problem. The woman, as well as her partner, may experience discomfort or pain because of the small opening and the overly dry surrounding. The truth is, the right vagina is neither too tight or too loose.

Though common, the above myths are just not right. This may come as a relief to you especially if you have been holding back on specific activities, in fact, many women lose their self-esteem and confidence thinking that their partner was finding their spot too large and not so pleasurable. This is why you can use vaginal tightening products. All-in-all, you should ensure the said products are efficient, safe and verified.

Can Using Vinegar Really Tighten the Vagina?

vinegar32178At some point in their lives, most women will suffer from a loose cervix. This occurs when the cervical muscles lose elasticity due to factors like childbirth, natural aging, menopause and prolonged use of certain medications. While each experience is different, most women will realize their condition goes beyond the physical signs that affect their sex lives. Women with slack vulvas go through the awkward stage of selecting the right method to get their loose pussy back to its pre-stretched state.

As a result, a little search online exposed them to questions like “Does vinegar firm up the vagina?”, “What’s the most effective way to firm up a loose vulva?” and so on. One of the widely used vaginal tightening solution is vinegar. The remedy has long been used as a traditional vaginal tightening remedy. Women have used it for so long, they just add a few teaspoons of vinegar to their bathwater and bathed in it for up 30 minutes. This article will answer the question as to whether vinegar is an effective vaginal firming remedy.

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Can it make my vagina tighter?

Just because this remedy whitens your skins, it does not mean that it is going to make your floppy vulva firmer. People who claim it works are either misinformed or plainly ignorant. In fact, there is no compelling proof that marinade is effective in firming up a loose vulva. If it worked, all women would be using it since vinegar is cheap and readily available. Not only does marinade play no part in the making your lady-bits more firm, douching with it may trigger a yeast infection.

So, after a few tries of vinegar, I’ve found out that it does not work. All the myths that I’ve read about this possible remedy stay untrue. This is actually one of the reasons why I’ve started to use V-Tight gel (check out my review of V-Tight Gel here) because I just got tired of trusting false ideas and fake natural techniques that do not actually work.

Can vinegar make me tight if I drink it?

Most women think that drinking vinegar can firm up their vag. The truth is that it won’t work. The adverse side effects are most likely to occur if you frequently drink too much of straight cider, like one glass a day. This remedy has been found to lower the pH and the friendly bacteria within the cervix, leaving it prone to some infections. The side effects of drinking copious amounts of this chemical have not been researched very much. So be sure to speak with your physician before ingesting it for whatever purpose.

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What happens if it’s added to bathwater?

Most women think that adding vinegar to bathwater can naturally tighten their vaginas. As stated, this remedy has been used as a cervical firming remedy for years. Women used to add it to their bathwater and soak in it for over 30 minutes. This, sadly, is an old wives tale as there is no concrete proof that the remedy is effective in tightening up the pussy. Even if it did work when added to bathwater, the firming effect would not last for as long as you would wish.

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Before you use this remedy, be sure to speak with your doctor first. While most women do find it useful in naturally tightening your lady-parts, the truth is that it doesn’t work. Some practical and safe methods can give you back that happiness and the delightful feeling of being desired by your man again.

Is Your Vagina Flappy or Loose?

Why does a woman’s vulva become loose? This is a question that many women out there are trying to find an answer to. A flappy vulva can be a nightmare to any woman. If you have a loose vulva, you naturally want to see a solution to this problem as soon as possible. However, it will only be possible for you to get a long-lasting solution if you know the cause of the problem. There are many myths out there that try to explain why some women have flappy vaginas. Most of them are nothing but just myths. Although many things can make you have a flappy vulva, here are the most common causes. You can also check out the homepage for more information.

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3 Most Common Causes of Loose Vaginal Walls

1. Aging87ifym9pi

As a woman, your lady-bits is going to get lose as you get older, this is due to the muscles that work for making the vulva tight become less efficient as you grow older. Therefore, if your pussy is not tight today as it used to be a decade ago, there is no need to worry so much because it is something that is entirely natural. This is something that happens to all women as they age. Instead, you should focus on finding a way to keep your vag tight as you age.

Also, gravity has something to do with it as well. It doesn’t show any effects if you look too closely, but after decades and decades of it weighing down on your lady-bits then we have got a problem on our hands, don’t we?

2. Giving birth

Your pelvic muscles are usually put under a lot of pressure every time you give birth. That is why your cervix is likely to get lose when you give birth. The higher the number of children that you give birth to, the higher the likelihood that you are going to have a lose vaginal entry. This does not mean that all women end up with a loose vagina after giving birth. Many women are lucky to get back the grip they had before giving birth. The vaginal tightness of the pelvic floor can be affected tremendously if you give birth to many children in a short period. However, this does not mean that nothing can be done to make your vulva tight again.

That’s why it is no surprise that a lot of women opt for a cesarean section when they are giving birth. But that is another misconception when it comes to loose vaginas. Having a c-section does not save you from it because the damage to your vagina from giving birth is through the weight of the pregnancy that falls on the woman’s body.

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3. Medical conditionsm645h4g3

Some medical conditions can make a woman’s vulva flappy. Although this happens rarely, it is something that you should not rule out if you have a loose cervix. However, you should not conclude without being examined by a doctor. You can only know if you are having a flappy pussy because of a medical condition if a qualified medical professional examines you.

Do not fret, as there are many solutions to this issue that we are going to lay out for you.

What are my options?

As you can see above, there are some reasons why a vagina becomes loose or flappy. There is no way around it as it will happen to a woman one way or the other. The only thing that you can do is to prepare yourself as much as possible and to make sure that you know the effective ways to get it back.

There are many various ways that a woman can do to improve the firmness of their vaginas. The different treatments usually range from home remedies to surgical procedures all the way up to natural/organic products.

Most females opt for the safer or natural route 90% of the time. Here are some of the best and organic options that you can try out at home.

Natural and Healthy Daily Habits

Most women do not know that everyday things can help in fighting this problem, things like proper exercise, diet as well as something as simple as drinking water can help in slowing down this body issue. These habits may seem little, but it is proven by science that it works every single time. Our bodies are complicated, but the solutions for loose vaginas are quite simple really.

Vaginal Tightening Creams

You can also go for a quick solution like vaginal tightening creams which have been proven to be safe and effective. There are quite some products out there right now that work but the most effective one that we have tried is the V-Tight gel. This particular product is made from all natural ingredients, and it is entirely safe to use to counter this problem that women all over the world are having. You can read my personal review of the V-Tight Gel product right here to learn more about the works of this amazing creation.

If You Ever Feel Alone, Don’t! Here is What Other Women Are Experiencing


After I had my first baby, I experienced what most women in this day and age encounter immediately after childbirth – a very loose vagina. And naturally, I lost a lot of confidence in bed. I didn’t feel or think that I could perform under the sheets as well as I did before I had my kid like once I did.

As many men would do, my husband gradually began to appear distraught and distant, but still, he never uttered a word about my deteriorating sex appeal. Typically, I had lost almost all interest in sex to the extent of even coming up with false excuses not to sleep with him. And also though I considered him an upright man, I knew it was only a matter of time before he began to think of other ‘available options.’

Contrary to what you might be tempted to think, I also longed to feel sexy and tight again – not just to satisfy my hubby – but mostly to get my long lost sexy vibe back. Vaginal rejuvenation and tightening just became my number one option. I have to act fast. I have to do it.

-Mary Whittle, CA


All through my late teens and twenties, I have always considered myself reasonably attractive, both in person and in bed. This also manifested itself in my social and sex life too. For instance, I didn’t have any problems attracting men into my life and keeping them around long enough for them to initiate some relationship. If anything, when I was 26, I was engaged to this wealthy banker from Florida and almost getting married only to stand him down last minute after I suspected he was participating in an illegal business. After him, I have been in several on-off relationships with a variety of men from almost all backgrounds, ethnicity, and races. All of them had one thing in common – they loved having sex with me.

Unfortunately, I am fast approaching my late thirties, and of course, the dreaded 40s. Despite having never given birth vaginally before, I have lately been feeling exceedingly loose and flappy down there. And not just that. Nowadays I seem to have lost that magic touch that made men want to linger around for as long as possible as soon as we became intimate. Although I have never considered this before, I feel it’s time I tightened my vajayjay and reclaimed the glory of my youth back.

– Gina Lowess, TX


I was brought up in a traditionally religious family in Kansas. Growing up, I was always forbidden from interacting with men and boys and this continued as I got older until when I finally went to college. In my second year on campus, I met this fantastic guy who blew off my feet and for the first time felt sexy. He was my first and, naturally, I fell deeply in love with him. The sex too was out-of-this-world, and I remember fantasizing about it every time I felt lonely.

Sadly, however, we disagreed over some issues and had to break up after dating for two years. The disappointment and heartbreak that followed after that were too much that I sought solace in alcohol, mindless partying, sleeping around, heavy smoking, and binge eating ( especially junk food ). After a few years of such a hapless lifestyle, I became morbidly overweight, lazy and unattractive. But what caught me by surprise was the realization that I was not as tight I used to be before I broke up with my ex-boyfriend. After some research and lots of consultation, I realized that my unhealthy lifestyle streak had also taken a toll on Miss V down there. It was now time to change get my tightness back!

-Mercy O’Neil, NY


Is There Such a Thing As a Vagina Being Too Tight?

Tight Vagina 20

A woman’s vagina can typically never be too tight as it is made of tissues and muscles that are somewhat elastic. Remember that it is capable of allowing a full-sized baby to pass through it during childbirth. However, there can be some discomfort when your partner tries to penetrate his penis during sex and, therefore, make you feel that your vagina is too small.

There is, however, a condition called vaginismus that may cause the vagina to contract when something is inserted. Some women will not have a problem in entering a tampon but may feel too small when a penis is inserted into their vagina. Women can feel slightly scared of sex, and a partner may not want to cause you pain. However, this is a sporadic condition and can easily be avoided with the adequate foreplay.

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Tight Vagina 11

The more common situation women encounter is a large or loose vagina. It is caused due to many situations but mostly after childbirth. And women always frantically look for ways to tighten their vagina and bring it back to how it was before. Many doctors put in a couple of stitches in the vagina after childbirth, and this may give a level of tightness, but the insides of the vagina will still be torn and loose. There are, however, ways that a woman can get a tighter vagina after childbirth.

There are vaginal exercises known as Kegel exercises that help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles of the vagina. It is performed by squeezing the levator muscles and holding them for about five seconds and releasing them. They are in fact instrumental after childbirth to regain the strength of the vaginal muscles. There are also some creams and gels on the market that can be used to help the pelvic muscles tighten before intercourse. Learn more about the options by clicking here.

Whatever the situation is, a woman must realize that a vagina is a flexible organ and is capable of bouncing back into shape quickly. There is no way a vagina can be too tight as they are made to handle the delivery of a baby. The reason some women may feel they are too tight is if they are nervous, do not have enough vaginal lubrication or suffer from vaginismus that is a sporadic condition.

A woman’s vagina has many receptors in the vagina, and it is much more than a man and, therefore, a vagina, if stimulated and is aroused adequately, will not feel too small and will easily accommodate a penis.

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Tips on Keeping Your Vagina Healthy and Clean

Keep your vaginal bacteria balanced. The bacteria typically stay in the vagina however they are there for a reason. The visibility of microorganisms in the vagina is not dangerous however keeps the vagina healthy and also protects it from infections if they are held in check.

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The vagina’s pH levels should be maintained to sustain the balance of microorganisms in the vagina. It is essential to keep the balance in the vagina because any discrepancy can bring about infections. If the good bacteria are surpassed by bad, infections might likely to take place. Typical vaginal infections consist of microbial vaginosis or yeast infection.

The bacterial balance can be disturbed by several factors like making use of aromatic womanly hygiene products, taking antibiotics, taking contraceptive pills, maternity and also using snug undergarments. While factors like pregnancy are often unpreventable, for other elements, there are means to preserve the vaginal bacterial balance.

If you are taking contraceptive pills or antibiotics and also experiencing vaginal infection, speak with your gynecologist. Avoid utilizing perfumed hygiene products and even go with odorless items. Stay clear of tight-fitting clothing as well as underclothing made from synthetic materials. Stop sweating as well as let your vagina breathe by using cotton underclothing and also loose pants or skirts. Keeping a clean, and healthy vagina is not that hard if the microbial balance is always kept in check.

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Tight Vagina 30Effectively clean your vagina. Maintaining a healthy vagina consist of practicing vaginal hygiene. Although the vagina can wash until its all-natural secretion or release it is likewise essential to clean your vagina once a day or more if you have your mensuration. It is ideal to make use of mild, unscented soap because perfumed hygiene items can disrupt the all-natural pH of the vagina that might result in overgrowth of bacteria or infections. Gently wash the vagina and its areas such as the vulva and perineal with moderate odorless soap and water. After going to the toilet, it advised washing the vagina to the rectum or from front to back to avoid the fecal microorganisms from transferring to the vagina. Avoid vaginal douches to clean the vagina considering that it could disrupt the healthy balance of the vaginal organisms.