7 Different Things That You Shouldn’t Use As Lube

The use of lube during any penetrative sex is a must! These products are essential because they would make sexual intercourse much more comfortable, less painful, and also more pleasurable. However, not everything stick or slippery should be used as a lubricant. There are many things that you should not be smearing on your penis or putting in your vagina. If you are going to have intercourse, you had better avoid using these different kinds of things as lube. Instead, you should buy actual products that are meant to be used for sexual intercourse.

1. Spit

Having a bit of spit should be no problem at all when you are doing something like oral sex. But relying on saliva and spit alone to make everything slippery and ready for actual penetrative intercourse is a big no-no. This is because spit is not sufficiently wet enough for real full-on sex. Saliva just dries up too fast. And you would need an ungodly amount of spit or saliva to last the whole time during intercourse. Using the only saliva alone for penetrative sex is also rather disgusting if you think about it carefully. And anyone should be using proper products rather than spit, for the dirty deed.

2. KY Jelly

ky jelly

You may have probably heard of this famous one, but it is not the ideal one to use. This is because KY Jelly contains a lot of ingredients that are not the best for vaginas. Two of the ingredients in KY Jelly, are paraben and glycerin. And these two components can be the cause of thrush in your vagina. And worst of all, if you use KY Jelly as a lubricant during intercourse, it could dry up your vagina! This is because KY Jelly has a very high osmosis factor, and this factor could cause your vagina’s moisture to get sucked out.

3. Baby or Mineral Oil

Mineral or baby oil may seem like a good product for making love because it is safe to use on a babies’ skin, but you are dead wrong if you think that. Oil can cause the material of the condom to degrade. And if you use it as your lubricant for having intercourse, you would make many different kinds of condoms break or fall apart.

4. Petroleum Jelly

petroleum jellyThis is another lousy kind of product to use for sex because it contains oils. Minerals oils found in petroleum jelly can also cause many different types of latex condoms to fail. Petroleum Jelly is also water-insoluble, so that would make it hard to clean off as well.

5. Lotions

Hand creams, lotions, or any skin cream should not be used as a lubricant at all! Many of these different kinds of lotions contain ingredients which can irritate your private parts. If you use something like a hand cream as a lubricant for your intimate area, you make your vagina painful. This is because the ingredients in lotions would not only irritate your private parts, but they would also dry them out. So you are rubbing yourself raw if you use a can of cream as means for lubrication for your privates.

6. Food

Food-based products are another terrible idea. There is a massive chance of an infection occurring if you used food as your lubricant for penetrative sex. People have used chocolate cream, cooking oil, and even butter as a lube! And those kinds of foods are all bad idea. Bacteria would thrive in your private parts if you use food as your lubrication, and you could quickly get any number of infections. Plus, it would also be almost impossible to clean out your private parts if you use food.

food oils7. Oil-Based Lube

Ideally, you should be using products that are water-based. This is because water-based gels are safer and they are also easier to clean. If you do have to buy products for sex, make sure that it is a water-based one. Oil-based products are not the best ones to use. This is because it would be harder to clean up this kind of lubricant. And the oil in those types of lubricants would also mean that own condoms could get damaged when you use an oil-based lubricant.

Use the Right Kind of Lube!

Remember to avoid using the above kinds of things if you are planning on having an activity soon. It is not safe to use any of them as a kind of lube. You would find that lube that is made especially for intercourse would be your best option. You can ask the shop if they sell a specific kind of product that is made for a particular purpose, namely penetrative vaginal or anal sex. The chances of infection are going to drop if you use the right kind of product. Not to mention, it would also be easier to clean up as well!