Using Oil to Smoothly Shave Your Vagina… Expert Tips!

shaving using a shaving oil

The 70s pubic bush long ago went the way of the Ford Pinto. Hairless has been the preferred way to present ones genitalia for most of the 21st century and it doesn’t seem like a trend that’s going to lose steam any time soon. Whether or not a woman chooses to go hairless is her business but those who do have found that the landscape for pubic hair removal is one fraught with irritation. Laser hair removal is perhaps the closest we’ve been able to come to true, irritation free ladyscaping but even that is not necessarily fool proof. Shaving is the most common method but one that frequently produces redness, irritation, itchiness and ingrown hairs in its wake. So what’s woman to do?

A Better Way to Shave Your Vagina

a lady sexy waistAlthough laser hair removal provides the best chance of achieving an ultra-smooth, irritation free ladyscape it’s not without its pitfalls. First of all, it can be expensive, particularly if you have a naturally thick bush. Going back for repeated treatments also tends to become something of a chore and, like most chores, we eventually find some lame excuse or another to slack off. If you do miss a couple of appointments, it doesn’t take long for bothersome patches of pubic hair to begin pushing up through the surface of the skin like so many crocuses in springtime. Except who wants crocuses in their crotch?

As a consequence, most women either never go the laser route or return to shaving after just a handful of expensive, time-consuming laser treatments. And when they do they’re almost all looking for a way to mitigate the odious effects of their razor on sensitive genital skin. Well, if this is an issue that has consumed you in the past we’re here to say that the dawn of a new age of irritation-free shaving is at hand with the advent of a new product called “Lady Business.” Lady Business is a mixture of carrot seed oil, jojoba oil, tamanu oil and eclipta prostrata extract that will banish irritation from your ladyscaping process once and for all. It might be the biggest breakthrough in pubic hair removal since the invention of the laser and it won’t consume hours of your time while emptying your bank account.

But is it Safe?

issue of safety of a womanOnce we discovered this amazing product, our first impulse was to try and determine if it was actually safe to use in one’s groin. Because, while it may look and feel great to have a nice, smooth vagina you don’t want to go about the process of achieving hairlessness in a reckless fashion. We turned to an Ob-Gyn for advice. Her first question, of course, focused on the ingredients. She wanted to know if there were any artificial fragrances or colors involved. We read her off the list of ingredients on the package and her response was short and sweet “Sounds like you’re good to go.” Her only qualifier was to make sure to only use this product on the exterior. And not be tempted to use it as a vaginal lubricant, since such things can cause serious unintended consequences.

The next step was to try it and so we recruited a couple of dedicated lady shavers to give it a whirl, reminding them to wait about 10 minutes after shaving your vagina to apply it and then to only apply it externally. Their report was encouraging. Both said Lady Business felt great going on and was absorbed by their skin in just a matter of a few seconds. Afterward, their skin felt fabulous and there wasn’t a hint of razor burn or related irritation. Lady Business is also lightly scented and leaves the entire area feeling refreshed. Both of our test subjects said they’d be using Lady Business from now on.

Can Lady Business be Used on Other Lady Business?

girl after bath with oilSomething that felt so good naturally made us wonder if Lady Business might have some other, non-pubic, applications. So we went in search of anyone who might have the necessary experience. What we found was that there are apparently a growing number of women who’ve taken to using Lady Business as a facial oil. This is especially true of women who regularly apply a lot of makeup. Since removing such makeup can often leave the skin feeling raw and irritated women are applying this product and discovering it’s just as good at treating irritated skin on the face as it is treating razor burn in the crotch. Still, others are apparently using it to soothe their skin if they overdo things a bit at the beach. And of course, as you might imagine, women who undergo Brazilian waxing are using it to help reduce and even eliminate irritation.

Are There No Drawbacks to This Oil?

lady holding a oil for shavingWhen it comes to using botanical oils the biggest issue many have is that some products that bill themselves as botanicals contain precious little actual botanical oil. There’s a smattering to keep up appearances but mostly they’re comprised of cheaper manmade ingredients and fillers. These manmade fillers can often negate any benefit you might gain from the botanicals and also cause adverse reactions with your skin. So is that the case with Lady Business? Fortunately, no. It’s all business when it comes to living up to its all-natural botanical status.

As we mentioned earlier, Lady Business is also discreetly scented. That scent is derived from a combination of orange oils and cedarwood that have been extensively tested to ensure they’re safe for this delicate area. There’s also a hint of watermelon that the manufacturer says results from various roots, herbs and flowers that are part of the formula. The result is that you not only look great, but your skin feels great and you’re left with a pleasant, unobtrusive scent that will enhance feelings of freshness and cleanliness.

So if you really want to eliminate the ouch from shaving your vagina, try Lady Business. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.