What You Should Know About Vaginal Glittering

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Forget to put jade eggs and bags of herbs up your vaginal tract; there is a new trend that is being taken up by women around the world. And this new trend involves using a little of glitter during sex, inside of your vagina. You heard it right; there is a new sex trend in which women use primarily what are tiny sparkle bombs, and they stick it inside of their vaginal tract. This practice creates a very interesting crotch area that has got a flavor to it since the capsule not only contains glitter but some flavoring as well. A lot of people are a bit skeptical of this new trend and for many good reasons too. There is a lot of unknown factors, such as whether or not it is safe to put inside of your vagina. Medical experts are saying that there are some risks involved. So if you would like to know more about this trend then read on. You may conclude whether or not you should be bombing your vajayjay as well.

Glitter Bombing Your Vagina

This new trend is called a “vagina glitter bomb,” and it does exactly what it sounds like it should. The inside of your private parts is going to be covered in bits of shiny and sweet-smelling glitter. It is supposed to make your vagina prettier to look at. But at what cost? If you want to know how correctly this whole process works and what are the risks involved, you should read on.

How Does it Work?

The glitter that is used is packaged inside of this tiny capsule. Ideally, this pill should be placed just before engaging in any sexual activity. And when you orgasm, your contractions cause the tablet to break apart and release the glitter and other substances inside the vagina. At least that is what the company that is selling this product says. There are a lot of factors that could affect when the capsule will break apart. For example, there could be some people’s vaginas that have more fluids that could dissolve the pill much faster. And there are also some sex acts, which are more vigorous, which could break apart the capsule of sparkles even quicker. So it is not always the case that the glitter bomb will explode when you orgasms. And it is not yet the proven that these glitter capsules create a more intense orgasm.

Does it Cause Better Orgasms?

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One myth that is being passed around is that people experience “sparklier” orgasms when they use genital glitter. This is supposed because the glitter substance has some aphrodisiac. And another myth is that the tiny bits of glitter rub against a woman’s clitoris during sexual intercourse. However, all of those are myths. Glitter bombing your vagina does not make you have an orgasm that is more pleasurable. In fact, you could even say that it makes your orgasm a bit riskier. If all of those bits of glitter are rubbing against your clitoris and the rest of your crotch area, you can seriously get irritated. There are other ways that you can get safer and more pleasurable orgasms, such as using a lube that is explicitly made for good sex. If you have heard that some people have had better orgasms because they used glitter, you should take what they say with a massive grain of salt.

The capsule will supposedly dissolve during sex whenever you are using it. This will mean that when you orgasm the glitter capsule will “explode” and your orgasms will be more “colorful and flavored,” what that exactly means aside from the advertising language is unclear. But what is clear though is the absolute mess that is going to be in your vajayjay when you use these kinds of products. You may even want to warn your partner if you do use a genital glitter bomb. They may not appreciate the fact that you have got glitter on their crotch area as well.

Vagina Glittering Could Be Dangerous to Your Health

Many doctors warn against using any glitter bomb. These products are not medically approved or even regulated, so they may not be even safe to put inside of your body. There are also a lot of risks involved when you put inside any foreign object in your body. First of all, there is the risk of infection. Any unsterile material that is placed inside of your body could carry bacteria and other kinds of harmful microorganisms. So there is a very high likelihood that you will get some infection if you do use these glitter capsules within your vagina. You may even have some problem with other diseases since the bacterium that enters your vaginal tract could spread throughout your body.

Another minor problem that could happen is irritation within your vagina. The company that sells these products say that they are safe to use and will dissolve inside of your body. But not every person has the same shape. What could be okay for one lady may irritate your body? So you should be careful about what you stick inside there, since you may get a burning itching sensation if you just hold any capsule into your body.

You should be careful what you put inside of your body, just because something is trendy does not mean that you should follow it. Vaginal glittering is something that is pretty to look at, but it does not yield beautiful results at all. You could be putting yourself in harm’s way, by increasing the chances of your genital are becoming infected. And at the very least, you could cause your labia to become itchy and irritated. It is better to be safe than sorry, and try to keep your genitalia free from any foreign objects, including glitter of any kind. You should always trust the doctors when they say that you should be careful what you put up there!