Why Women Are Blow-Drying Their Vulvas After Sex…

vulva blow drying

It may not be getting the same kind of press as issues like North Korea or celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, but a lot of women have started blow drying their vulvas after sex, and a lot of curious types want to know why. Is it just the latest bizarre fetish that’s come to light – like furries – or is it something else; something darker or perhaps even something more substantive? Thankfully for all of us, it’s the latter. A practice that has come about as a way for women to potentially protect themselves against vaginal infection. But while most women have noble intentions and are trying to obtain practical benefits when it comes to blow drying their vagina after sex the medical profession is not on board with this as an effective method of protecting oneself.

The Strange Case of the Blow Dried Vagina

sexy on whiteIf you had a list of the things you never thought you’d be reading, more specifically on the practice of blow drying the vulva after sex, then this would be pretty high up on that list. But here you are reading about it, and here we are writing about it so let’s see if we can get to the bottom of the blow-dried vagina phenomenon.

While there may be some ladies out there who get off on the feeling of warm air caressing their vulva in the wake of sex the vast majority of women who are performing this seemingly curious ritual are actually doing it to prevent mycosis. Mycosis is a bacterial infection sometimes referred to by its scientific name “candida albicans.” It’s a nasty bit of business that causes itching and burning sensations in the vagina and may also produce a yellowish discharge. Yeast infections often lead to vaginal mycosis.

Women are particularly prone to vaginal infections after they’ve had sex. And since bacteria thrive in warm moist places the theory goes that if you blow dry your vagina after sex, you’ll dry it out sufficiently so that it won’t be a hospitable environment for bacteria to take root. As a result, mycosis will be avoided. Some call this a pretty neat trick, and we’ve even heard talk that some sex therapists are actually promoting this as a safe and effective way to ward off mycosis. But is it?

Take Care Down There

side viewSince most of the time women don’t develop fungal infections after sex, trying to judge how effective this treatment is in preventing mycosis can be tricky. After all, how can you really be sure you’ve prevented an infection? The odds say it probably wouldn’t have occurred anyway? And what about the possibility that you may actually do more harm than good? After all, the vagina is home to a lot of beneficial bacteria that plays a protective role. If you train the blow dryer on it, you may wind up disturbing or even killing the beneficial bacteria and creating more problems than you solve. On top of that, there’s the chance you could wind up burning the skin. Have you ever experienced a burnt vulva? We guarantee that you don’t want to.

If you are prone to infections and have been looking for an effective method for liberating yourself from them, there is very little chance blow drying your vulva after sex is the answer. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives that will work. For instance, your susceptibility to infection may have something to do with the clothes you’re wearing or even the food you’re eating. As such always make sure your clothes aren’t too tight in the crotch and that your underwear is made of 100% cotton. When it comes to your diet, be careful how much sugar you eat as the mycosis bacteria thrives on sugar. Also, try to eat unflavored yogurt on a regular basis to keep the pH balance in your vagina at proper levels.

Additional Alternatives

woman in bathroomBefore you reach for the blow dryer after the next time you have sex try this instead. Head to the bathroom and wash your vagina with warm water. Then and only then take the hair dryer, set the temperature to cool and the speed to ‘low’ and dry yourself out. Don’t get the dryer too close because you don’t want to be forcing air up into the vagina. You just want to make sure the vulva proper is clean and dry while the inside remains moist. Once you’re nice and dry, you can remain underwear free for a while to let things air out or at the very least make sure you put on cotton underwear as we stated earlier.

While we understand how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be to follow up a wonderful sexual encounter with a case of mycosis in most instances it’s probably not a good idea to turn a hair dryer on hot and high and point it at your vagina. Especially where there are other common sense steps you can take to minimize the risk of infection.

girl shockedAlso, just in case you might be blow drying your vagina because you’ve heard that it’s an effective method of killing sperm, let us be the first to inform you that it isn’t. Blow drying yourself down there after sex to ward off pregnancy isn’t going to work and is not an acceptable alternative to proven methods of contraception.

Finally, if you think you might have a case of mycosis, vaginosis or thrush you should waste no time making an appointment to see your doctor. Your gynecologist can provide you with effective medications that will rapidly get rid of the infection without causing any harmful side effects.


While the practice of blow-drying the vulva after sex may be trending and may appear on some level to make sense that doesn’t mean you should buy into the hype. On the contrary. Something as simple as going commando for a couple of hours after sex can have the same drying out effect without potentially causing damage to the delicate balance within your vagina.